Whitney Way Thore is NOT pregnant: Star speaks out after My Big Fat Fabulous Life false positives

Whitney at the gynaecologist on My Big Fat Fabulous Life moments before finding out she wasn't pregnant
Whitney at the gynaecologist on My Big Fat Fabulous Life moments before having her scan

Finally on last night’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life it was revealed that Whitney Way Thore is NOT pregnant — after suffering several false positive results.

The news emerged when the No Body Shame campaigner visited the gynaecologist to get herself checked out after home tests repeatedly suggested that she was expecting.

But she was left stunned when the doctor took an ultrasound scan, and was unable to see a foetus — meaning the results had been false positives.

After the episode aired Whitney took to her Facebook page to thanks fans for all their support, in a post in which she showed off the image of the scan which showed only cysts.

And she also penned a lengthy message explaining her feelings, below.

The last three weeks have been exceptionally difficult for the star, starting off when the new season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life began with an episode showing her positive pregnancy result.

But because she was under contract, despite knowing the outcome she was unable to speak about it outside of the show.

Fans had expressed fears that she may have suffered a miscarriage, after she posted a tearful message to Facebook explaining why she couldn’t reveal more.

And they rallied around her after it became just one a string of big issues Whitney has had to deal with over recent weeks, including her mum Babs suffering a stroke.

She also revealed yesterday how her and Babs’s dog Tori had passed away, and on this week’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life it emerged she had been fat-shamed during filming at Gay Pride.

Whitney penned a message to fans after last night’s show laying out her feelings about the false positive pregnancy results and talking about her Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

She said: “Thinking I was pregnant, a doctor confirming I was pregnant, and then minutes later being told I was NOT pregnant was (and still is) a lot to process. Watching it unfold on TV has brought up so many mixed emotions.”

Whitney had always been told she would find it difficult to become pregnant due to her PCOS, so finding out she was apparently expecting was a roller-coaster of emotions for the star.

She said: “I was terrified about the financial burden of having a child, being a single mother, being a decent mother, how I would tell Lennie…”

And she said one of the most exciting things about the experience was the shift she saw in ex-boyfriend Lennie when she revealed the news to him and he said he would stand by her.

Whitney went on to tell of her disappointment after finally finding out the pregnancy was a false alarm, and having to tell Lennie the sad news.

She said: “We were both on board with the idea that we were having a child, only to have the notion ripped away in seconds and that isn’t an easy thing to deal with. It doesn’t change how real it felt and I grieved it as a loss all the same.”

However, Whitney said she does hope to still be a mother, and expressed solidarity with all the other women out there also suffering with PCOS.

She said: “I have to remind myself that millions of women around the world live full lives with PCOS every day and they do it with children, too.

“I know when the time is right, motherhood will happen for me, and honestly, I can’t wait.”

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