Where was Bill Burr: Paper Tiger filmed?

Bill Burr in new stand-up special Paper Tiger.
Bill Burr in new stand-up special Paper Tiger. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix has dropped another stand-up special this week that follows the same “PC shake-up” that comedian Dave Chappelle provoked a few weeks ago.

Bill Burr’s latest comedy routine titled Paper Tiger touches on a lot of controversial issues such as the #MeToo movement, feminists, differences in race, and more. Outside of the touchy subjects, he addresses his own anger issues as well as troubles within his marriage.

Many times during his stand-up performance, he mentions that he isn’t performing in America and makes comparisons between the location of the filming and the United States.

But where was Bill Burr: Paper Tiger filmed? Here is everything to know about the filming location.

Where was Bill Burr: Paper Tiger filmed?

Well-known comedian Bill Burr filmed his new special in a rather incredible location, Royal Albert Hall in London. What makes this location so special?

According to the Royal Albert Hall website, The Royal Albert Hall is more than a place; it’s a charity.  It exists to promote the arts and sciences and to preserve its historic location. The website offers a virtual tour for anyone interested in the location, which is absolutely worth a virtual visit if you can’t make it to London anytime soon.

Much like Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the Hall dedicates stars to well-known people from its history.  Even from the outside, the incredible engravings make the building worth visiting. One of the building’s coolest features is its steps. According to the website:

“On 9 November 2013, ahead of the Royal British Legion’s Festival of Remembrance, the Hall’s Patron HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh attended a ceremony to rename the steps the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Steps.”

The Queen brought another sense of awe to the building when she chose to visit the historic location.

The Royal Albert Hall not only has great historical value but stays current by bringing a sense of laughter to an already hard world,

The location has a long-held history of hosting comedians such as recently Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart and going back to 1945 with Bob Hope. The venue also held the 30th Anniversary of the improv sensation of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ in 2018.

Paper Tiger is one of many art-related specials to take place in the grand hall. For anyone looking to visit and experience a classic night at the Hall, there are also several orchestra performances and concerts. The International Ballroom dancing finals will also be held there in the upcoming months.

Bill Burr: Paper Tiger is streaming on Netflix now.

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