When is the Blue Bloods series finale?

Bridget Moynahan as Erin on Blue Bloods
The Reagans aren’t saying goodbye just yet. Pic credit: CBS

When is the Blue Bloods series finale? That’s a question on Blue Bloods fans’ minds as the summer hiatus begins.

Season 14 is the final season of the hit CBS cop drama.

Although Blue Bloods fans are doing everything they can to have the show continue.

The cast, too, has been vocal about wanting more Blue Bloods, especially Tom Selleck, who recently admitted he strongly feels CBS will change their minds.

However, CBS has all but said the show won’t be getting a second lease on life like S.W.A.T. did.

In preparation for Blue Bloods ending soon, let’s review what we know about the series finale.

When is the Blue Bloods series finale?

The Blue Bloods series finale will happen next fall when the last eight episodes play out. CBS hasn’t given a specific finale date for Blue Bloods just yet.

Blue Bloods will likely end in November sweeps before Thanksgiving, based on the fall schedule and remaining episode count. It would make sense from a ratings standpoint to have it air during a sweeps month.

Following the spring finale, Donnie Wahlberg shared a message video to fans about the end of Blue Bloods.

“Blue Bloods fans thanks for being a part of our amazing season but we still have more to go. And trust me it will be unforgettable and full of family drama. Don’t miss the final season of Blue Bloods coming this fall on CBS. See you soon,” he expressed.

Donnie gave fans a little tease for the remainder of Blue Bloods Season 14 but what else can fans expect?

Blue Bloods showrunner squashes show romance

The powers that be at Blue Bloods have been keeping storylines for the rest of the series under wraps. There’s one storyline that Blue Bloods showrunner Kevin Wade has revealed won’t happen before the series ends.

Some Blue Bloods fans will be disappointed to learn that Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Baez (Marisa Ramirez) will not become a couple. Kevin has set the records straight on why these two aren’t getting romantic during an interview with TV Insider.

“We put Jamie and Eddie together a few years ago. I think the show would dip into parody if we had two of our cops marrying two of their partners who are getting into that,” Kevin shared. “And candidly, to me, Danny Reagan has been built and played as a loner. I know he was married for half of the episodes, but he’s almost like the classic private eye who is married to his work and who has the freedom and the latitude to do whatever he wants. Because unfortunately at home, there’s nothing much there.”

Aside from that, Kevin admitted that there isn’t enough time to develop a romantic relationship between Baez and Danny if the writers were inclined to go that way. Kevin doesn’t want any story in the end to feel rushed or unauthentic.

Blue Bloods fans will have to wait a while to find out what’s in store for the Reagan family as the show gears up to say goodbye.

Blue Bloods Season 14 part two airs this fall on CBS. Seasons 1-14 are streaming on Paramount+.

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