When is Survivor coming back in 2020 with Winners at War?

Survivor Cast Footage
A new Survivor cast will be battling for an even bigger prize on Season 40. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor is coming back in 2020 with a special version of the show. Called Winners at War, all 20 members of the Season 40 cast have already won the show before. One of them — Sandra Diaz-Twine — has won it twice.

Tommy Sheehan was named the Survivor 39 winner back in December, bringing an end to a pretty controversial season of the show. Now, viewers are looking forward to the show coming back and proving who the ultimate survivor has been over the history of the reality competition.

The good news is that we already know who is appearing as part of the Survivor 40 cast, so CBS viewers have a while to start thinking about who they want to win the huge prize associated with this season.

The Survivor Season 40 winner is going to take home a $2 million prize, which is double what the producers have awarded to a typical winner. Those increased stakes will make the dynamics between returners even more interesting when the return date finally hits.

When is Survivor coming back in 2020?

The season premiere of Survivor 40 takes place on Wednesday, February 12. It’s going to be a two-hour premiere, starting at 8/7c on CBS and giving viewers a full look at how the new installment will play out.

After the release of a teaser preview during the fall finale and an additional teaser of the cast on Christmas Day, promotions nearly vanished.

It appears that they are trying to give viewers a breather before really pushing the advertisements for the new season.

Right now, new episodes of Undercover Boss and the final season of Criminal Minds are airing on Wednesday nights. Both shows will give way to Survivor on the CBS schedule when the season premiere rolls around in mid-February.

Winners at War should have a completely new feel to it, especially since many of the cast members are friends or are friendly outside of the show.

Two of them are even married. Will this lead to a calm and kind competition? Or will friendships get set aside as the 20 returners try hard to last 39 days and take home a nice $2 million prize?

Survivor 40 will air Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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