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When is Double Eviction on Big Brother 21 season?

Nicole Watching BB21 Comp
Nicole Anthony watching a Big Brother 21 competition taking place. Pic credit: CBS

A Big Brother 21 Double Eviction is now on the horizon. It’s a hot topic among the BB21 cast members on the CBS live feeds as well as the fans posting continuously on social media.

Despite numerous Big Brother rumors about a Double Eviction taking place during the August 22 episode, that is simply not the case. An event like that is usually advertised well in advance by host Julie Chen Moonves.

Nothing was hinted at during Episode 25 on August 21, leaving a lot of questions for CBS viewers. It’s definitely possible that Julie mentions something during the next episode, but it’s also possible fans might have to wait.

When was Double Eviction on Big Brother 20 season?

During the 2018 season of the show, a Double Eviction didn’t take place until there were only seven BB20 cast members left. Fans may remember that Haleigh Broucher was sent to the jury first and she was followed by Brett Robinson later in the episode.

That left just five people competing to win the $500,000 prize.

When is Double Eviction on Big Brother 21 season?

If the producers use a similar schedule during the summer 2019 season schedule to what was done last year, then two more evictions need to take place first. With Christie Murphy and Analyse Talavera on the block, there are still nine people competing.

If producers are waiting until there are eight people left, then the Double Eviction would take place on August 29. If it is held off until there are just seven people left in the house, the Double Eviction would happen on September 5.

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No matter when the Double Eviction happens for the Big Brother 21 cast, it is going to be an exciting episode. The houseguests will hold an Eviction Ceremony early in the episode and then play through a week of the game and evict someone else before the hour is up.

When the producers get close to hosting a Double Eviction in the BB21 house it will be advertised heavily, so viewers don’t need to worry about missing out on when it finally takes place.

Big Brother airs episodes Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night on CBS.

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