When does OutDaughtered return to TLC in 2019?

Adam and Danielle Busby in an OutDaughtered confessional.
OutDaughtered will be back in October. Pic credit: TLC

OutDaughtered is returning to TLC with another brand new season. The Busby family has only been gone for a few months, and they are picking up right where they left off.

Remember, last season the Busby family had to move out of their house due to mold issues in the twins’ room. Adam and Danielle found a rental and they were still living there when OutDaughtered ended. Will they be able to get back into their home or will they continue to be displaced while their “sick home” is restored?

Followers of the OutDaughtered family likely already know that Riley skipped ahead of her sisters and began Kindergarten this year. Adam Busby has been outspoken about doing what is best for his daughters on an individual level. Riley was ready for a challenge, and keeping her with her sisters could have hindered the learning process for her. This season, viewers will get an inside look as the Busbys face the decision to start their little girl in school ahead of the other girls.

The Busby quints will be celebrating their fourth birthday this season as well. It looks like things intensify as they leave the 3s behind and venture into what the 4s have to offer. Blayke will also be celebrating her birthday as she turns 8. With all of the planning and celebrating, will Adam and Danielle Busby have any time for themselves?

A lot is happening this season. With Adam Busby called away for work and Danielle Busby trying something new, there is a lot of stress surrounding keeping things normal for the girls. Add in sending Riley to Kindergarten and keeping the other girls in preschool, the amount of stress keeps growing. Will things ever calm down for the Busby clan?

OutDaughtered returns to TLC on Tuesday, October 1 at 8/7c.

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