When does Law & Order SVU return? Season 21 next episode date approaches with Rollins held hostage

kellie giddish as amanda rollins on law and order svu
Detective Rollins was in a hostage situation on the mid-season finale of Law & Order: SVU. Pic credit: NBC

Fans of the popular series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit don’t have to wait much longer.

The exciting conclusion to the mid-Season 21 finale with Detective Rollins (Kellie Giddish) kidnapped by Frank Bucci (Nicholas Turturro) arrives with viewers anxious to see how she and the team navigate a delicate situation.

There’s still a criminal investigation going on with the suspected criminal at large and Bucci’s daughters on a party yacht with him.

Law & Order SVU return date for early January

In the mid-season finale, the Special Victims Unit was attempting to bring a suspected rapist, Steve Getz (Vincent Kartheiser), to justice. Bucci originally came to the detectives to enlist their help, but unfortunately, the wealthy mogul eluded justice and a judge didn’t find him guilty.

Getz decided to have a celebration with a lot of people aboard his departing party yacht including Bucci’s daughters, at least one of whom Getz allegedly raped. They also had their mother’s permission to be on board, creating a difficult situation for the team.

Since justice didn’t act according to plan, it meant Frank Bucci took matters into his own hand by creating a hostage situation. The last that viewers saw was him wielding a gun at Rollins and her therapist. He vowed that something needed to be done.

Fans were left waiting to see the outcome. The show went on a holiday hiatus for over a month. The good news is that Law & Order: SVU brings the second part to the case for viewers on Thursday, January 9, 2020. Then, fans will learn if Amanda is able to talk down Bucci, or if the team needs to step it up to save her and his daughters.

The winter premiere episode for Law & Order: SVU Season 21 is called Must Be Held Accountable.

In the video clip below, NBC teased the dramatic next episode featuring Rollins as the captive of a man, Frank Bucci, who has good intentions for his daughters, but feels justice isn’t being carried out fully.

Law & Order: SVU airs Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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