When Calls the Heart Season 11 premiere date news gets mixed reaction from fans

Elizabeth says goodbye to Lucas on When Calls the Heart.
It’s game over for Elizabeth and Lucas. Pic credit: Hallmark.

It’s hard to believe we’re getting When Calls the Heart Season 11 so soon after the end of the previous season.

The series has been on the air for a decade, but thanks to the the ever-changing dynamics in Hope Valley, there’s still plenty of story to be told.

As Monsters and Critics reported, the Hallmark hit returns Sunday, April 7 at 8/7c.

The romantic drama will pivot like never before, with Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) and Lucas’ (Chris McNally) romance buried.

Elizabeth has reunited with Nathan (Kevin McGarry) when the series returns, which should spice things up.

When Calls the Heart has a passionate fanbase that takes to social media to dissect all the significant events. It makes sense they would share their thoughts on the premiere date announcement.

Many When Calls the Heart fans are excited about the premiere date

“Cannot wait for Season 11 and to see more of my favourite character Rosemary!!!” wrote one fan.

Another fan was interested in seeing how this “epic love story” plays out.

Then there was someone who believed Nathan and Elizabeth would be “so romantic together.”

Many fans aren’t interested in Elizabeth reuniting with Nathan

Unfortunately, there was plenty of criticism across social media because many fans were unsatisfied with When Calls the Heart Season 10.

“Is it still the same show runner and writers that destroyed s10 and removed all the Heart from When Calls?” one social media critic asked, mentioning that they would not be “returning as a viewer.”

When Calls the Heart Season 11 news gets mixed response on X.
Fans aren’t too impressed about When Calls the Heart Season 11. Pic credit: @HallmarkChannel/X

Another viewer expressed “hate” for the poster, while another added that they’d be too busy to watch the show because they’d rather watch “grass grow.”

“That will be more exciting” than watching Elizabeth rekindle things with her ex.

When Calls the Heart fans sound off on X about the return date.
Many fans are just not interested. Pic credit: @HallmarkChannel/X

Elizabeth is the main character, whether viewers like it or not

While Elizabeth is front and center on When Calls the Heart, the show focuses on other residents in Hope Valley, too, but fans are very invested in who our heroine ends up with.

There’s nothing worse than watching a show, only for it to build up this multi-layered romance, only for it all to come crashing down when we least expect it.

Reuniting Elizabeth and Nathan is a ballsy move, mainly because the show seemingly moved on from that years ago.

Understandably, some fans believe this is a step back instead of a step forward for their favorite character.

When Calls the Heart season 11 is make or break for the series’ future

The big question is how well the series will keep Lucas in the narrative because minimizing his presence won’t go down very well.

One thing’s clear: When Calls the Heart Season 11 will make or break the series’ future.

If the controversy surrounding Elizabeth’s choice is already this heightened, it will be interesting to see if it dies down as the series airs.

The big issue, though, is the ratings. If many people do flee the show, there’s a chance Hallmark will consider wrapping it up sooner than planned.

We can only await new episodes to see how this shakes out.

But for now, we’re cautiously optimistic the series will be able to right some of the wrongs of When Calls the Heart Season 10.

When Calls the Heart is currently on hiatus, but Season 11 is set to premiere on Hallmark on Sunday, April 7, at 8/7c.

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Colleen E Braun
Colleen E Braun
5 months ago

In reality Elizabeth was never really over Nathan! She was afraid of his job taking his life as it had her first husband! I thought Lucas always felt their connection and he knew Elizabeth couldn’t move away from Hope Valley

2 months ago

I truly hope Lucas and Elizabeth are far from over. We waited so long for her to chose Lucas and their love story was so touching and they were both so in love with each other! Why did they ruin it with them breaking up and ugh, Nathan and her are not a match! Please get them back together!