Here’s how When Calls the Heart’s Erin Krakow feels about the Season 10 finale

Erin Krakow
When Calls the Heart star Erin Krakow speaks out after Season 10’s ending. Pic credit: ©

Warning: This article contains spoilers for When Calls the Heart Season 10.

The When Calls the Heart Season 10 finale left a lot of feelings up in the air, both on the show and with viewers.

While some are disappointed in Elizabeth’s (Erin Krakow) choice to leave Lucas (Chris McNally), others are happy to see if there will be a romance between Elizabeth and Nathan (Kevin McGarry).

That said, how does Elizabeth herself feel about all of this?

Well, the character feels that Lucas deserves someone who can give him their whole heart, which she cannot do.

But Erin Krakow is definitely feeling the end of the season, too.

Erin sat down with Entertainment Tonight back in June, before the season even aired, and discussed the ending of Season 10.

Erin Krakow opens up on Elizabeth Thornton’s romance potential

When it came to the ending, emotions were high. People were finally happy to see Elizabeth finding love again and about to get married, only for her to change her mind. Plus, there’s still a spark between her and Nathan.

Erin explained, “I think it’s a really good authentic, challenging, emotional story. And it may be tough on some of our fans, but what I really appreciate about it is it’s a story of two people who still have a very deep love for one another.”

When it comes to Elizabeth and Lucas’s split, Erin had the perfect answer.

“I think that they were just being true to what was in their hearts, and you can’t argue with that. … They are being true to their authentic self, so, I mean, I think it was the right move.”

Plus, she gave some insight as to why the two ultimately split.

Why did Elizabeth and Lucas break up?

As a co-executive producer on the series, Erin always gets the inside scoop ahead of fans. That means she had an idea about Elizabeth and Lucas’s romance, and why it ended.

Ultimately, the two were a little too different for each other. While they got along, Lucas always had “big dreams and grand gestures,” which just isn’t Elizabeth.

Their divide was shown all season, as he had grand plans for a big house on a hill, but Elizabeth was content to stay in her Row house. And when it became clear that he would be pursuing his political aspirations, it became more clear that “Elizabeth doesn’t really share those dreams.”

“That is totally OK, because they can be individuals who still really care about each other but aren’t necessarily meant to be together forever,” Erin added.

Not to mention the fact that Elizabeth’s feelings for Nathan are becoming undeniable, even if he isn’t as safe of a choice as Lucas.

However, fans have no need to worry: Chris McNally isn’t going anywhere, and Lucas is a big part of Season 11.

Will Elizabeth find love again?

Although there is a possibility of a romance between Nathan and Elizabeth, nothing is quite set in stone yet.

“We take our time with any [of] this. We are intentionally being as respectful as we can, but it’s really important that Elizabeth has love in her life and we’re on that journey,” Erin advised.

That said, the two do appear to be on a journey together, and while it might take some time for a romance to blossom between the two fully, all will be answered next season.

The important thing is that Elizabeth has love in her life, and as a romantic, it’s guaranteed that Elizabeth will find that love.

When Calls the Heart is currently on hiatus. Seasons 1-10 are available to stream via Hallmark Movies Now.

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Marilyn Gargiulo
Marilyn Gargiulo
8 months ago

I never felt that there was true romance between Elizabeth and Lucas so lI was happy to see them break up. Looking forward to seeing What the future holds.

Sandra Womble
Sandra Womble
8 months ago

Well, Erin, that’s saying a lot without saying much of anything. 😁 I guess that’s the best you can do. I’ll still watch it all unfold. It’s a wonderful family show.

Barbara E Messmer
Barbara E Messmer
7 months ago

There is something about Nathan that I do not like. Maybe Elizabeth did not belong with Lucas, but Nathan has no integrity for a Mounty. He kept pursuing Elizabeth even though he knew she was with Lucas. The story started out with a Mounty, and it seems we are back where we started. Elizabeth needs a completely new romance.

7 months ago

I just don’t want to go through that Mounty thing again! Please do something clever with Elizabeth’s character. It is getting tiresome.

Joan Putnam
Joan Putnam
7 months ago

This was a really disappointing interview. Erin and Chris invested so much in their characters of Lucas and Elizabeth and portrayed their love and passion perfectly She will NEVER be able to portray that with Nathan. The bar is set too high. The mountie story has been done. This is a repeat that didn’t need to happen. Nathan is Jack 2.0 and will always be in Jack’s shadow. She will be constantly be worrying for his safety. It is a shame that the season ended with so much division and hurt. Elizabeth’s character is unrecognizable and unlikable right now. We were looking forward to a beautiful promised wedding and feel betrayed a d manipulated