When Calls the Heart recap: Goldie’s godfather, Election Day, and the season’s end

Erin Krakow as Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton
When Calls the Heart Season 10 finale answered a lot of questions. Pic credit: Hallmark

The When Calls the Heart Season 10 finale aired Sunday night, and many great moments happened during the show.

After the last episode, fans were curious to see whether Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) would stay single, get with Nathan (Kevin McGarry), or make amends with Lucas (Chris McNally).

The good news is that we see that Elizabeth and Lucas are on good terms right away, though the rest of Hope Valley is tip-toeing around the subject of their would-be wedding.

Plus, Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) and Lee (Kavan Smith) are busy getting ready for Election Day and Goldie’s baptism.

Naturally, Rosemary heads election efforts and gets everyone in town to help set everything up so that they can all vote for Lucas and save Hope Valley.

In the meantime, Lee is working on Goldie’s baptism and who her godfather will be.

Rosemary and Lee choose Goldie’s godfather

It doesn’t take long for Rosemary and Lee to realize that while Elizabeth is the perfect godmother for Goldie, Henry (Martin Cummins) is the best choice for her godfather.

Lee approaches Henry, who isn’t quite sure if he’s a good enough person to be Goldie’s godfather, as he was never much of a father or a religious type.

Henry struggles with this throughout the episode but ultimately ends up accepting and becoming Goldie’s godfather, though he appeared at the baptism later than everyone else.

The sweet gesture brings Henry closer to the town and seems to be another step forward in his new beginning.

Elizabeth and Nathan have tense interactions

For most of the episode, Nathan is off with Bill (Jack Wagner) as they round up Pinkertons in the area. It’s revealed that Nathan hasn’t spent much time around Elizabeth since Lucas left.

While Nathan is off doing his duty as a Mountie, Elizabeth and Rosemary tend to the voting booth for Election Day.

As the two ladies scramble to get the remaining 22 people to vote in the election, Elizabeth realizes that Nathan hasn’t voted yet and goes to find the Mountie with no luck.

Nathan does come at the last minute and stumbles upon Elizabeth by herself.

When the two do finally interact, it’s a rather tense interaction that leaves us wondering if there’s still a spark between these two.

Elizabeth confronts Nathan about avoiding her, which leads to an apology from Nathan for questioning her motives, but it seems that all has been forgiven on Elizabeth’s end.

The two don’t share a goodnight kiss, but it seemed like the producers definitely left room for one.

How does the season end?

Fiona (Kayla Wallace) still has her work cut out for her when it comes to getting Mike (Ben Rosenbaum) and Mei (Amanda Wong) together. However, after Mike accidentally stands Mei up, Fiona is determined to get the two together.

Finally, the two express their feelings for each other at the same time and share a dance. Fiona’s meddling paid off, though Faith (Andrea Brooks) notes that Fiona isn’t focused on her own love life — so maybe we’ll see a Fiona romance next season.

After Goldie’s baptism, the whole town gathers to hear the election results.

However, it is revealed that Lucas Bouchard is the new governor, having won by 21 votes (so it was a good thing that Rosemary hounded the remaining 22 citizens to go cast their votes).

After the election results are revealed, Elizabeth pays Henry a visit. Henry is in his old office and admits that he misses Abigail working across the street from him. He opens up about his dark upbringing, noting that he just wanted to do better.

It’s clear that Henry still has not forgiven himself for what happened with the mine, but it does look like he’s getting closer. Perhaps next season will bring Henry closer to the town and the light.

At the end of the episode, we see Madeleine St. John return to Hope Valley and Lucas is visited by a familiar yet seemingly unfriendly face. Plus, Henry pays a visit to Abigail.

The episode ends with Elizabeth talking to Jack’s (Daniel Lissing) headstone, admitting that she did love Lucas but she couldn’t go through losing someone again and that she thought she was just looking for a safe option.

Nathan runs into Elizabeth at the cemetery before the two are interrupted by Bill, who calls them away to help with Lucas.

With emotions high, Season 10 ended and now we must wait until next year to find out what happens next.

When Calls the Heart is currently on hiatus. Seasons 1-10 can be viewed on Hallmark Movies Now.

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9 months ago

Really like most of the characters on Hope V. See no chemistry with Nathan and Elizabeth. Really liked her with Lucas. Love Rosemary and Lee, Henry. Several others Please no Nathan and Elizabeth. Please Keep Lucas. Love his character.

9 months ago

Put Eliabeth and Natan together, I think she loves him but is afraid because he is a monty like Jack.

Pierrette Plourde
Pierrette Plourde
9 months ago

Si É et N finissent ensembles, ce sera une série d’un ennui mortel que je ne désire pas voir. Je veux savoir ce que la méchante L S a réservé a Lucas comme fête après qu’il ait gagné les élections. Ils est évident qu’elle n’a pas pensé a autre chose qu’à l’éliminer pour un certain temps et peut-être pour toujours. Cette série est sur son déclin si Lucas ne revient pas pour de on a HV. Ramenez-le et vous verrez que la série prendra un regain de vie. Oublions la jalousie d’Élizabeth qui fait une petite crise d’estime de soi parce qu’elle a perdu la place de star principale et pensons aux fans et au succès de ce qui était une magnifique série.