When Calls the Heart: Elizabeth debuts a new look in Season 11

Elizabeth on When Calls the Heart.
Elizabeth is embracing change. Pic credit: Hallmark

Are you ready to meet the new Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) on When Calls the Heart?

Hallmark has shared a new teaser for When Calls the Heart Season 11, and it’s clear she’s ready for change.

“I think I’d like to change my hair,” Elizabeth tells Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) in the footage.

When Elizabeth walks into a room at the end of the footage, many faces are shocked, including Nathan (Kevin McGarry).

“Wow, you look—you look great,” her one-time love says.

Could this present the opportunity for them to get back together?

Elizabeth and Nathan are reconnecting

The trailer for When Calls the Heart Season 11 and the key art for the upcoming season of the Hallmark hit seemed to hint at this.

Of course, Elizabeth must do some thinking because we already witnessed her break things off with Lucas (Chris McNally) after conceding that she was looking for something safe following the death of her first love, Jack (Daniel Lissing).

Although she admitted her love for Lucas, she didn’t think it was fair to keep their relationship going if she wasn’t giving him her all, which was a controversial creative choice for the fans.

But it successfully recalibrated the series as we head into the latest chapter.

How will Lucas fit into the new season?

There are also some questions about Lucas’ role during the upcoming season.

When Calls the Heart Season 10 wrapped up with Elizabeth seemingly reconnecting with Nathan as Bill (Jack Wagner) showed up to imply something had happened to Lucas.

The show has already killed off one of Elizabeth’s love interests, so we believe the creatives will have some other tricks up their sleeve before retreading the same water.

Lucas has such a pivotal place in the community that removing him from the show wouldn’t be exciting, especially if it were to clear the way for Elizabeth and Nathan.

Our best guess is that Lucas will be hurt, and Elizabeth will be one of the people helping him on this road to recovery.

Could a time jump be on the horizon?

Then again, perhaps a time jump will be in order, and we’ll pick up long after all of that.

We do know that Hallmark has already said that Elizabeth is embarking on a fresh start, including new romance, new challenges, and a new style.

The cabler has also teased that Lucas will be on hand as governor to usher in a new era of Hope Valley, but we could be getting played here to keep things under wraps.

You never know.

After so many controversial creative choices, seeing if the show can bounce back creatively and make us care for all the characters again will be interesting.

Can When Calls the Heart get back to being a good show again?

Sometimes, storylines land well, but the show’s recent efforts have felt more like last-ditch efforts to shake up the dynamics to give us several years’ worth of stories.

If the story is ending, let’s let it end naturally without switching things up.

For now, we’ll be eagerly anticipating the new season.

When Calls the Heart Season 11 premieres Sunday, April 7, at 8/7c on Hallmark.

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