What time does Big Brother come on tonight? Big Brother 21 schedule for week

Jack Matthews On BB21 Cast
Jack Matthews is on the Big Brother 21 cast for summer 2019. Pic credit: CBS

It’s almost time for Big Brother to come on tonight. The Sunday night episode is a big one that shouldn’t be missed

For Big Brother 21, Episode 15, the producers reveal who won the Head of Household Competition, as well as who the HOH nominated for eviction. It’s a big turning point for the cast.

As for what time Big Brother comes on tonight, it is 8/7c on CBS. It is the regular time on the CBS schedule, with a lot of ground to cover.

While live feed subscribers know a lot of the facts already, it’s time for CBS viewers to catch up.

Big Brother 21 schedule for the week

Episode 15: Sunday, July 28 at 8/7c
Episode 16: Wednesday, July 31 at 9/8c
Episode 17: Thursday, August 1 at 9/8c

Have-Nots, Poison Ivy Punishments, Field Trip Vote

There are a lot of items to cover in addition to the HOH Competition and Nomination Ceremony. Producers may also reveal who became a Have-Not and who received punishments during the Endurance Challenge.

There is also an upcoming twist that involves a field trip. It’s possible that the narrator could reveal more details about it during Episode 15, but that might not happen until Julie Chen’s next episode (August 1).

If you are getting all of your information about the show from the CBS episodes, make sure to tune in Sunday night, because there are a lot of items to pack into that hour.

Will they have time to cover Jackson Michie violating the Have-Not rules? We will all have to tune in to find out for sure.

Big Brother airs CBS episodes every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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