What power does Christie have on Big Brother 21?

Christie And Bella On BB21 Live Feeds
Christie Murphy and Isabella Wang chatting on Big Brother live feeds. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother 21 cast member Christie Murphy still has a secret power. She earned it by winning the third and final Whacktivity Competition of the summer 2019 season.

What power does Christie have on Big Brother?

Christie is in possession of the Panic Power. Her specific advantage can be used following a Veto Competition and right before a Veto Ceremony takes place.

With the Panic Power, Christie has the ability to change a regular Golden Power of Veto into a Diamond Power of Veto. It increases how valuable a Veto is in that given week.


What are the rules for Christie’s Big Brother power?

The most important rule to remember about the Panic Power is that it is mostly controlled by the Veto winner. This is why the power gets used after a Veto Competition has taken place.

The Panic Power allows Christie Murphy to remove someone from the block and for the Veto winner to choose a replacement nominee. This is a strategy to take the power away from the Head of Household.

If Christie was nominated for eviction and then won the Power of Veto, she could use her power to come off the block and then choose anyone else (other than the HOH) to take her spot on the block.

If someone else were to win the Power of Veto, Christie could then give that person the power to choose a replacement. This is a riskier route to take because that person could then nominate Christie for eviction.

She has to make sure that she really trusts someone to give them that Diamond Power of Veto.

When it comes to alliances within the Big Brother house, the power that Christie has can go a long way toward protecting one of them.

She only needs to use her secret power if she or someone she is directly working with is in danger of getting sent home. It raises the chances that there could be some dramatic gameplay coming soon.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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