What is Netflix’s Country Comfort all about and who’s in the cast?

Promotional still from Country Comfort.
Country Comfort is a new comedy series streaming on Netflix. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix is bringing good ole’ Southern loving back with Country Comfort!

This new comedy series tells the story of an aspiring musician named Bailey who decides to pick up a job as a nanny — despite her lack of qualifications. 

Country Comfort comes from the mind of Caryn Lucas, a respected writer and producer. Before this series, she wrote Miss Congeniality and its sequel and was a writer and producer for The Nanny, which iconically starred Fran Drescher. 

Lucas also served as the executive producer of the Emily Osment-led series Young & Hungry.

Who is in the cast of Country Comfort on Netflix? 

The series features a talented cast with Katharine McPhee, Eddie Cibrian, and Ricardo Hurtado playing the lead roles. McPhee is best known for her main role in the NBC musical series Smash and for playing Paige Dineen in the action-drama Scorpion. 

Moving down the list, Cibrian has a steady television career making his break as Matt Clark in The Young and the Restless. More recently, he’s starred in main roles for the two series Rosewood and Take Two. 

Seasoned Netflix star Hurtado has been playing the lead character, Tyler Gossard, in Netflix’s Malibu Rescue since 2019.

Recently, McPhee shared a video on her Instagram hyping the release of the series. She wrote, “A little at home promo fun with the cast of #countrycomfortnetflix.”

As the actor had a long run in American Idol back in 2006 and has since headlined the Broadway musical Waitress, she proposed to her cast members that they give the show a musical introduction.

What is Country Comfort about?

McPhee and Cibrian join the cast as struggling country singer Bailey and widowed husband of five Beau. Although the two characters get off to a bad start, they strike up a friendly relationship once the busy father realizes how much of a positive impact Bailey has on his family. 

Netflix writes, “With a never-give-up attitude and loads of Southern charm, this newbie-nanny is able to navigate the family dynamics and be the mother figure they’ve been missing.” 

Also, Bailey discovers that the family is musically talented and pulls inspiration from them, which is a major plus for her. Eventually, Beau and his children come to the realization that Bailey “needs them more than they need her.”

New to Netflix, Country Comfort is a feel-good family comedy. The series has one season, so far, consisting of ten 30-minute episodes. It’s the perfect length for a weekend binge-viewing!

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Country Comfort is now streaming on Netflix.

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