What is Camp Comeback on Big Brother? Everything you need to know about BB21 spoilers

Tommy Bracco In Big Brother House
Tommy was one of the players in the second Whacktivity Competition for summer 2019. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Camp Comeback has arrived on Big Brother 21. The summer 2019 season presented another twist, with the latest episode revealing a huge change to the format of the show.

The Wednesday night episode of the show was set to be showcased by an eviction, but host Julie Chen had some important information to share with CBS viewers.

Rather than just being evicted and sent home, the first four houseguests who get evicted will remain living in the house. They will reside at Camp Comeback until they compete for a chance to re-join the rest of the BB21 cast.

What is Camp Comeback on Big Brother?

Camp Comeback is basically a Have Not Room located within the house. The people sent there won’t be living in style, but merely passing the time until they get another shot at the $500,000 cash prize.

The residents of Camp Comeback won’t participate in the challenges, but they can still interact with everyone else in the house. It’s a shift from evicted houseguests getting sequestered or simply sent home.

Once four people have been evicted, there is going to be a Battle Back Competition to see who gets that extra chance. The opportunity is also there for producers to use Camp Comeback a second time, but like Extinction Island on Survivor.

Who is in Camp Comeback on Big Brother?

Ovi Kabir was evicted on a 12-0 vote, with Kathryn Dunn surviving for another week. As he was saying his goodbyes, Ovi was given information about not really getting sent out the front door.

After host Julie Chen was done with her explanations, the doorbell rang, revealing David Alexander. He had been banished by Jackson Michie during the season premiere of the show. Now he is back with revenge on his mind.

Things are getting very interesting in the game and the introduction of Camp Comeback on Big Brother 21 seems like a very intriguing twist. The room will be shown on the CBS live feeds and it could shape how future spoilers and events are presented.

Keep in mind that the schedule has now shifted for episodes, so make sure to set those DVRs and mark those calendars for future Big Brother 21 installments.

Big Brother returns with episodes on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights this summer.

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