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What happened to Morgan on The Walking Dead cast?

Morgan TWD
Lennie James as Morgan Jones on The Walking Dead. Pic credit: AMC/YouTube

The character of Morgan Jones was one of the first that viewers of The Walking Dead got to know. Morgan and his son ended up in the town of Rick Grimes, leading to them being the first survivors Rick met.

Morgan became one of those characters that would pop up now and then, often in scenes that involved Rick and always during exciting moments of the series. He also helped the survivors defeat the Saviors (and Negan).

Morgan was definitely a fan-favorite on the show, and he could become one again. As for what happened to Morgan on The Walking Dead cast, after the Saviors were defeated, he moved on to other things, which included joining the Fear the Walking Dead cast.

Lennie James stars as Morgan Jones on Fear the Walking Dead

Over the last two seasons of Fear the Walking Dead, Morgan has become an essential character to that show as well. It was another exciting way to link the two hit shows on AMC and allowed Morgan to get out of Rick’s shadow.

During the Season 5 finale of Fear the Walking Dead, Morgan ended up in another life-or-death situation. The future of his character was left in doubt, giving viewers a massive cliffhanger.

The result of that Season 5 storyline will likely play out in the Season 6 premiere, especially with an antagonist that has everyone running. Will Morgan and all of his new friends survive Virginia/Ginny when the next season of the show roles around?

It’s going to seem like a long wait until Season 6 of Fear the Walking Dead premieres in 2020. The network hasn’t released a season premiere date just yet, but it will give them something to create some buzz in the coming months.

Until then, AMC viewers can tune in to Season 10 of The Walking Dead or get ready to enjoy the first Rick Grimes movie. There is also a third TWD series in the works.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC. Fear the Walking Dead returns in 2020.

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