What happened to Landon on Southern Charm? Why is she not on the show anymore?

Landon Clements
Landon Clements in a pic for Southern Charm: But what happened to her? 

Landon Clements isn’t on this season of Southern Charm. Fans have been waiting for her to make an appearance or at least star on the show as a friend of the main cast. But it is as if she has fallen off the face of the earth.

So, where is Landon? Well, Clements actually told PEOPLE magazine last year that she wasn’t going to return to the show. It wasn’t so much about the drama and filming, but Landon had a few things she wanted to achieve, and staying in Charleston wasn’t an option.

She decided to leave Southern Charm to focus on her career in real estate. She wanted to pursue her career in California and decided to relocate after the season wrapped last year. However, based on her Instagram account, it sounds like she still keeps in touch with her former cast members. About two months ago, she hung out with Cameron.

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“It wasn’t really about filming or not filming, it was just what I wanted out of my life,” Landon Clements told PEOPLE back in October about her decision to leave the show.

“I love real estate and the hospitality…that’s what I sort of wanted to get back into. I know that if I want to get to the next level of things, I really need to get to work and be with people who believe in me, and training with them all summer has helped me so much. I’m excited to pursue other things and we have so much fun making the show, but you know, I was just ready to do some other stuff now.”

Despite her not being on the show any more, it also seems like Landon has already met Thomas Ravenel’s controversial girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs. Ashley posted a photo of them together about four months ago, describing Landon as her “friend”.


Landon returned to California after she initially lived with her husband before she got divorced and returned to Charleston to film Southern Charm. It’s uncertain whether she will ever film the show again.

What do you think of Landon Clements leaving Southern Charm? Are you surprised that she quit the show to focus on real estate?

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