What happened to Kathryn Dennis on Southern Charm?

Kathryn Dennis
Kathryn Dennis is hard to get a hold of during tonight’s episode of Southern Charm

Kathryn Dennis has really changed her ways over the past couple of years and many of her Southern Charm co-stars have noticed the changes as well.

Shep Rose wants to hang out with her again, and he has even revealed that he has some regrets about how their relationship went down.

It seems that he really likes her and wishes they could try things out again. Even Thomas Ravenel feels that he sees a major change in her.

But there is one person who doesn’t think that Kathryn has changed at all — Ashley Jacobs, who has been dating Thomas Ravenel a few months.

It will seem odd to fans that she would have an opinion, as she wasn’t around when Kathryn was struggling during previous seasons of Southern Charm. She only knows what she’s been told but she’s acting like she’s the one who has been hurt the most by Dennis’s former troubles.

During this week’s episode of Southern Charm, Kathryn’s co-stars have a hard time getting a hold of her. They even show up at her apartment, wondering where she is.

The editing seems like Kathryn Dennis has disappeared. Fans who have followed her on Southern Charm know that she lost custody of her kids because she failed a drug test. She has also been open about being in a bad place.

So when her co-stars can’t find her on tonight’s episode, it seems fairly obvious that people would assume she has relapsed.

However, the editing could be fooling viewers. It’s quite possible that Kathryn is merely out with some friends, out of town, or is visiting her family. But people who aren’t fond of Dennis believes she has relapsed and that Ashley Jacobs will indeed be vindicated for everything she has said.

What do you think happened to Kathryn Dennis? Do you think the editing is making her look bad?

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