What happened to Eddie and Katherine on A Million Little Things?

Eddie and Katherine on A Million Little Things.
Eddie told Katherine the truth and she didn’t take it well. Pic credit: ABC

A Million Little Things is back with Season 2. Things picked up right where they left off when Season 1 ended. Now, everything is chaos again and viewers have questions about things they may have overlooked last season.

Eddie (David Giuntoli) and Katherine (Grace Park) have had a rocky relationship on A Million Little Things. They are currently married but almost divorce during Season 1. Sharing a son helped them to reconsider making their marriage work, but Eddie had a bombshell that he was keeping.

Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) and Eddie were having an affair. This all was exposed after Jon (Ron Livingston) died by suicide.

They were in bed together when Eddie missed the call just before he jumped to his death. Of course, that was just the beginning of the complicated mess that is Eddie and Katherine’s marriage on A Million Little Things.


As the backstory was explained, Eddie turned out to be an alcoholic for much of their early relationship. He was in a band and traveled a lot, making poor decisions often. It was revealed that he was even too drunk to be in the room when Katherine had their son, Theo.

This all came flooding back to her when she heard what Eddie had to say.

The affair between Delilah and Eddie produced a child. While everyone believed that Jon was the father (or at least pretended they believed), that just wasn’t the cast.

Some of the friend group knew, shocking Eddie. When he decided it was time to tell Katherine the truth (ironically at the same time Delilah was in labor), she didn’t take it well. She urged him to go be at the hospital and be a part of it since he missed Theo being born.

Katherine decided to take off following the news that her husband fathered her friend’s baby. That was the absolute final straw, and she ended up at her mother’s house. Eddie continued to lie to Theo about where his mother was, and when he went to speak with her, there wasn’t a clear resolution.

Will Eddie and Katherine call it quits for good? Be sure to tune in and find out!

A Million Little Things airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on ABC.

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