Westworld Season 3 trailer breakdown: What it shows

Aaron Paul in Westworld Season 3 trailer
Aaron Paul features in Westworld Season 3 trailer. Pic credit: HBO

HBO released its official trailer for Westworld Season 3 on Sunday during the Game of Thrones finale. The highly anticipated trailer for the science fiction drama, created by Jonah Nolan and Lisa Joy, is full of surprises and introduces a world that looks so unfamiliar after Season 2.

Fans are struggling to guess what to expect of the upcoming season 3 based on the tantalizing glimpses offered in the trailer.

Westworld Season 3 is expected to make a fresh start after Season 2’s ending.

The two-minute trailer features new cast member Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) portraying a character who narrates his experience and the state of his world.

“Sometimes it seems like the world looks all right — like they put a coat of paint on it. But inside it’s rotting to pieces,” Paul’s character says as he navigates the futuristic city.

Paul will be a series regular in Season 3 but we don’t yet have details about his character.

The trailer follows Paul’s character navigating a futuristic city with Pink Floyd’s Brain Damage playing. He looks through options on his mobile device and then appears to carry out a heist.

We see a futuristic bike and a car, a flying vehicle, and a robot.

He encounters a character played by Lena Waith (Master of None) who is joining the cast of Westworld Season 3. He also encounters Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) in the trailer’s closing scene.

Rapper Kid Cudi (Scott Mescudi) appears in the trailer. Paul’s character meets him in a place that appears to be a prison. We also see retired NFL star, Marshawn Lynch.

If what we see in the trailer is actually Paul’s character carrying out a heist, Kid Cudi and Marshawn Lynch’s characters are his accomplices.

Vincent Cassel (Ocean’s Twelve/Thirteen) is also joining the cast of Westworld Season 3. It is rumored that he will play the role of a villain character.

Westworld is a science fiction drama set in a future world with major advancements in artificial intelligence and consciousness.

A theme park owned by Delos Inc. offers guests the experience of the American Old West. The world is populated by androids called hosts designed to fulfill guests’ wishes and desires.

The series is based on a story written by Michael Crichton. It is created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, who executive produce with J.J. Abrams, Richard J. Lewis, Athena Wickham, and Ben Stephenson.

Westworld Season 3 is expected to premiere on HBO in 2020.

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