WandaVision: Scarlet Witch gets a new Funko Pop, merchandise, and a hashtag icon on Twitter

Still of Wanda Maximoff in WandaVision.
Elizabeth Olsen plays Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch. Pic credit: Disney

It’s been a few days since the finale of the WandaVision series on Disney+ and fans are still enthusiastic about Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) officially gaining the Scarlet Witch title. Earlier today, a bunch of WandaVision merchandise was teased and Twitter introduced a new Scarlet Witch icon for the character’s hashtag. 

Where can you get the Funko Pop?

Entertainment Weekly released a first look at the new WandaVision merchandise. This includes a Scarlet Witch Funko Pop and tons of memorabilia such as figurines, tee shirts, and jewelry. 

The Scarlet Witch Funko Pop, as well as ones of the Maximoff twins Billy and Tommy, and Agatha Harkness, are currently available for pre-order on Amazon. At this time, a design for the upcoming White Vision figurine has been released but is not available for pre-ordering.

At GameStop, there is a new Scarlet Witch jewelry set available for pre-ordering. The set features the character’s infamous crown as well as her “engagement and wedding ring, Vision’s wedding ring, a S.W.O.R.D. necklace”— the designs of which were featured in the series.

Also among the myriad of new Scarlet Witch merchandise is a collectible glow-in-the-dark Funko Pop soda can which comes with a small figurine. It is a limited edition set with only 15,000 available.

What are fans saying? 

Fans are ecstatic about this new memorabilia, all of which is updated to reflect the new Scarlet Witch costume that was revealed in the final episode of WandaVision. Immediately after the Entertainment Weekly article dropped, #ScarletWitch began trending on Twitter— only to reveal Twitter’s new icon for the character. 

Besides every hashtag is a small emoji of the character’s face, featuring her iconic crown and windblown hair and the high-neckline in her Marvel Cinematic Universe costume, which differs from her attire in the comics. 

To test out this new hashtag, fans obviously had to tweet it. This has caused WandaVision to, once again, take over the internet, much like it was doing every Thursday and Friday night while the show was premiering.

One fan tweeted their excitement for the new merchandise along with a screen capture from WandaVision where Wanda expresses, “I’m starting to believe that everything is..” and the fan replaced the word “meaningless” with the word “meaningful.”

Another fan affectionately called Wanda “the baddest witch of all.” 

Fan account, Best of Scarlet Witch, shared their excitement over the upcoming Scarlet Witch action figure. 

The overall ambiance of the WandaVision fan community is filled with excitement and anticipation— a major pick-me-up from the sadness that was being felt when the show finished airing last Friday. 

WandaVision is currently streaming on Disney+.

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