Spirit speaks in Manresa Castle on Ghost Adventures

Manresa Castle on Ghost Adventures
Manresa Castle on Ghost Adventures is a stunning Victorian building but is it haunted?

This week the Ghost Adventures team head to Manresa Castle in Port Townsend, Wash., where a spirit speaks to them.

Zak and the team are bound for the historic hotel known as Manresa Castle, where there have been many reports of paranormal activity over the year.

Manresa Castle was built for Charles and Kate Eisenbeis back in 1892. Eisenbeis was the first mayot of Port Townsend and he used bricks from his own factory to build the 30 room mansion.

10 years later Eisenbeis died and his wife remarried, this left the building empty until 1925. It was then used by nuns as a vacation home before being acquired by the Jesuit order who extended the remodelled the building.

The castle’s constant reinvention continued in 1968 when it was turned into a hotel, which it remains today.

The rumors of hauntings started pretty soon with rooms 302, 304 and 306 said to be inhabited by paranormal presences. One ghost is supposed to be a mink who hung himself int he castle’s attic with his ghostly footsteps heard pacing about. The other soul haunting the building is said to be a war widow who on hearing the news of her lovers death, threw herself from a window.

During the lockdown the team experience an intense encounter when a spirit appears to repeat Aaron’s words back to him.

A new season of Ghost Adventures start up later this month, so stay tuned and sign up for our alert below for the latest on the show.


Watch Ghost Adventures – Manresa Castle at 9 PM on Travel Channel.

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