V.Unbeatable Dance Crew on America’s Got Talent: Troupe’s incredible journey from India’s slums to world’s biggest stage

V.Unbeatable Dance Crew during AGT season premiere
V.Unbeatable Dance Crew during AGT’s 2019 premiere. Pic credit: NBC

The V.Unbeatable Dance Crew wow the America’s Got Talent audience during the Season 14 premiere — after revealing their incredible journey from a harsh life in India’s slums.

A 28-member dance group from Mumbai, their ages range from 12 to 27. During the first episode of Season 14, the group take the stage in front of a new group of judges.

The clip of their performance below shows their remarkable talents, and reveals them as easy contenders to make it all the way to the finals of the summer 2019 season.

V.Unbeatable Dance Crew takes AGT by storm

Before the performance began, a heartfelt statement was made by the leader of the group from, revealing how many of the group came from living in poverty.

“Many of the members of our group live in slums. The slums are very crowded, very dirty, and they don’t get proper electricity. Often seven to 10 people are staying in one room. It is very challenging to survive over there. Each day we pray for a better life, but in the slums there is very little opportunity for us. When we dance we forget all the tensions in our mind, and we feel free.”

But not only do they have a remarkable story, the V.Unbeatable Dance Crew have the skills to match. That certainly didn’t go unnoticed by the four judges or the studio audience during the premiere episode.

It’s a long season where anything can happen, but it looks like the V.Unbeatable Dance Crew have a bright future. Doing so well on the Season 14 premiere certainly sets the stage for great things to come later on.

America’s Got Talent Season 14 airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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