Twisted Metal Season 2: Plot, premiere date, cast and everything else we know

anthony mackie as john doe in twisted metal
Anthony Mackie could return as John Doe in a Twisted Metal Season 2. Pic credit: Peacock

Many fans wonder if a Twisted Metal Season 2 will happen, continuing the adventures of John Doe, Quiet, and other characters in an apocalyptic wasteland.

The series, which dropped on Peacock last month, was based on the popular series of Twisted Metal video games first unveiled by Sony PlayStation in the mid-90s.

Viewers were introduced to many characters, including the iconic villain Sweet Tooth, who became associated with the game throughout its installments.

He made for a recognizable and memorable character in the Peacock TV series, with two actors handling the role.

Star actors appeared in lead roles, including well-known Marvel Avengers star Anthony Mackie and Scream horror franchise hero Neve Campbell.

The video game-based series achieved popularity with critics and fans and left some interesting tidbits and a cliffhanger that could easily lead to a second season.

Here’s what is known as far as Season 2. This report will also contain some spoilers from the first season of Twisted Metal on Peacock.

What is the plot for Twisted Metal Season 2?

Based on how things went in Season 1’s final episode, several lingering plot points could be part of storylines in Season 2.

One of the biggest was the reveal at the end of the episode of a colossal winner-takes-all tournament featuring “the best drivers from all across the country from all walks of life.”

Raven (Neve Campbell) initially recruited John as her delivery guy. Based on his skills with that audition, she told him, with her men’s guns aimed at him, that he would represent her in the tournament bracket to capture a massive prize from Calypso.

Following that revelation, viewers saw Quiet fix an issue with the car that she and John had been driving. She’d previously started delivering goods to those in need but was stopped by a masked woman holding a serious-looking weapon.

Other masked women surrounded Quiet’s car, with the main one saying she wanted to talk to her and that John was her brother.

Along with those cliffhangers to end the season, viewers are unsure whether certain characters indeed met their demises in the Season 1 finale.

Twisted Metal Season 2 cast details

One would think that the main stars from the first season would likely return for Twisted Metal Season 2. That includes the show’s protagonists, amnesia-suffering delivery driver John Doe (Mackie) and car thief Quiet (Stephanie Beatriz).

Campbell’s recurring boss character Raven was also a pivotal individual in the Season 1 plot and, based on how it ended, would likely be back for another season.

Meanwhile, there are a few characters teased as dead in the finale but were never truly shown as deceased.

Thomas Haden Church played the ruthless cop Agent Stone, and it was suggested he killed himself with a gun given to him by Quiet. However, the gunshot was heard off-camera, so his death seems unconfirmed. He could return with a gruesome cosmetic update based on the nasty blade he had thrown into his face.

In addition, Sweet Tooth had to flee the scene after getting shot and jumping out of his van during that climactic vehicle battle. His clown mask was shown on the ground, but the villain himself was never seen again.

The killer clown was voiced by Will Arnett and played physically by Joe Seanoa, aka pro wrestler Samoa Joe. So should the character return, it would seem likely these actors would too.

In addition, there were other recurring characters, including Stu and Mike, played by Mike Mitchell and Tahj Vaughans. They survived through Season 1, so returning for that Season 2 tournament could make sense.

No actors are confirmed for the second season. Still, Mackie mentioned in an NBC Insider interview he’s interested in continuing the story of John Doe and getting a rematch against the villain Sweet Tooth.

When will Twisted Metal Season 2 premiere?

As of this writing, there’s no confirmation that Twisted Metal Season 2 will happen. With that in mind, a premiere date for a second season is purely speculative.

Season 1 officially arrived on Peacock on July 27, 2023, and featured 10 episodes. A second season could happen around the same time in 2024.

However, the ongoing writers strike has delayed many projects for movies and television. In addition, the various stars’ schedules would have to line up with the filming for Twisted Metal Season 2.

In particular, Mackie is the lead actor in Marvel’s 2024 film Captain America: Brave New World. He portrays Sam Wilson, who became Captain America, taking over for Chris Evans’ character in the MCU.

While a premiere date is unknown, fans of Peacock’s video game-based series should probably feel confident about Twisted Metal continuing. With the series getting a 70 percent aggregate score from critics on Rotten Tomatoes and a stellar 94 percent score from viewers, it seems a no-brainer that there will be a second season.

Twisted Metal Season 2 is TBD for Peacock.

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Michael Mills
Michael Mills
10 months ago

They need to end this strike s**t,and get back to writing season 2,along with the rest of TV shows that people watch,all the repeated s**t is really old. So get off your a**es and start writing again, all those companies that are making millions and millions and millions give the writers what they want and be done with it!!!!!!!

9 months ago

Sweet Tooth is alive, and he kills Stu and Mike in the the post credits scene of the last episode, you probably should have watched that before writing this article.

justin b
justin b
8 months ago

sweet tooth kills mike at the post credits scene but got druged away by sweet tooth I hope they make a season 2 and a new game for the ps5