Twisted Metal: What is a Watkyns Storm?

Anthony Mackie as John Doe in Twisted Metal. Pic credit: Peacock

The series Twisted Metal presents a post-apocalyptic wasteland full of dangerous, crazy imagery throughout the various episodes.

There’s the machete-wielding clown, Sweet Tooth, who arrives as a threat to the show’s protagonist, John Doe (Anthony Mackie), early on.

Later, there’s something referred to as a Watkyns Storm or Watkyn’s Storm, which also creates a threat to John and his sidekick, Quiet (Stephanie Beatriz).

It includes some seriously fierce and dangerous weather that forces the show’s heroes to take refuge from the environmental menace during the series.

Most of that episode occurs inside a rundown Astral Burger, a key location from Quiet’s past, as John and Quiet seek safety.

However, a brutal storm rages throughout a good portion of the episode, with John giving some details about what created it.

The Watkyns Storm hit during Twisted Metal, Episode 6

Viewers are introduced to the “Watkyn’s Storm” in Twisted Metal, Episode 6, which is called DRVTHRU. Quiet’s backstory is presented in this episode through flashbacks.

During a present-time moment in the episode, John follows Quiet outside of the rundown burger joint they’re inside to try to stop her from returning to see Stone.

The wind begins howling, and the outdoor environment becomes menacing as Quiet asks what that is.

“We need to get inside right now. That’s a Watkyn’s Storm,” John tells her.

Soon after he announces that, crazy bolts of colorful lightning shoot down from the dark, cloudy skies as the duo dodges it and runs back inside.

john doe and quiet evade watkyns storm in twisted metal
John and Quiet must elude a dangerous storm that hits during Twisted Metal Episode 6. Pic credit: Peacock

However, John has to run back out when he realizes his car is parked out in the open and in danger of getting damaged by the storm.

He manages to move and park the car but still gets a serious zap as he attempts to run back into the restaurant.

What is a Watkyns Storm in Twisted Metal?

A Watkyns storm is an aggressive electrical storm caused by nuclear pollution in the environment.

During Episode 6, John gives more details about how the storm originated. He indicates a nuclear plant in Watkyn’s Harbor exploded during a power outage.

That led to it poisoning the atmosphere and creating a vicious storm that sometimes develops randomly outside.

“The further east you go, the worse it gets,” John also explained in the episode, indicating he and Quiet would just need to wait it out.

Later, Quiet and John talk about things they’ve seen. Quiet admits she’d never seen a Watkyn’s Storm “before today.”

They have some adult fun in the Kids Zone ball pit inside the burger joint and eventually fall asleep after Quiet releases her sorrow over her past.

When John wakes up, he’s alone in the ball pit with the sun shining on him as the Watkyn’s Storm finally passes.

He walks outside to find Quiet packing items into the back of his car. The two head to New Chicago as they continue their journey together.

Twisted Metal is available for streaming on Peacock.

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