Today’s Savannah Guthrie warns fans of scammers trying to profit from her name

savannah guthrie from nbc today segment in 2024
Today anchor Savannah Guthrie discussed her new book Mostly What God Does. Pic credit: NBC

Savannah Guthrie let fans know not to trust copycats, frauds, and scammers who have been recently using her name for profit.

Last week, The Today star officially released her book, Mostly What God Does: Reflections on Seeking and Finding His Love Everywhere.

The collection of her faith-based essays quickly became a bestseller for the NBC anchor and co-host but has also led to fraudulent items being sold.

Savannah took to Instagram to share a screenshot of two Mostly What God Doee handbooks, one of which has her name misspelled as “Savanah Gathrie” and costs $15.99.

The other is shown at $12.99 and is labeled an “Interactive Guide to Savannah Guthrie’s Book.”

“PSA!!! 🚨 These “workbooks” are not real and not by me! Watch out (they spelled my name wrong – that’s the first clue). I haven’t done any work book – just the book which you can buy at OR from any retailer or Indy bookseller!” Savannah cautioned fans in her IG post’s caption.

Fans reacted to Savannah’s warning about fake items

Many people left remarks about Savannah’s message as they supported her in the fight against fraud and scammers.

“Some people are awful,” one commenter wrote, with another commenting, “This is so infuriating! How can Amazon allow it!?”

Another individual notified Savannah that they’d reported the books “as false advertising” since they weren’t the NBC Today star’s items.

screenshot of fan comments about savannah guthrie book warning
Pic credit: @savannahguthrie/Instagram

Additional comments arrived, including one individual suggesting, “Amazon should take it down!”

Another commenter thanked Savannah for the warning and called it “so frustrating” to see the scammers.

“Won’t Amazon do anything? Could they just put a message that it is not authorized by the real Savannah Guthrie?” another individual commented.

screenshot of instagram fan comments to savannah guthrie on book scams
Pic credit: @savannahguthrie/Instagram

Guthrie said it was ‘terrifying’ to write her new book

While sitting down for an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Savannah spoke about writing a book about faith. Tapper said the book involves the opposite of what she does, as her job is presenting the facts for news.

“It’s not what I do, but this isn’t about my professional life,” she said, adding, “This is about my personal side.”

She also admitted it was “terrifying” and “outside [her] comfort zone” to write this type of book.

“I feel it’s the most vulnerable thing I’ve ever done,” she told Tapper, indicating she never thought she’d write a book, let alone about her faith.

“I think while this isn’t a book about journalism, this is a book about faith,” she told Tapper, adding, “I do try to not dodge the hard questions that faith presents about the world we live in and that you and I cover.” 

Since its release, copies of the official Mostly What God Does book by Savannah Guthrie have been doing quite well with sales.

As of this writing, her book is No. 3 among Amazon’s Top 100 bestselling books. In addition, it’s No. 1 in various categories, including Journalist Biographies and Christian Personal Growth.

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