Thomas Ravenel reveals he won’t return to Southern Charm for season 6

Thomas Ravenel and other Southern Charm stars at a reunion
Thomas will not return to Southern Charm

Thomas Ravenel will no longer be part of Southern Charm. After accusations were made against him, things took a downward turn for the reality star.

Bravo fans have followed Thomas Ravenel for five seasons. They watched as he had two children with the young and beautiful Kathryn Dennis. After their saga played out on the earlier season, Ravenel brought a new girlfriend in for Season 5.

Last season of Southern Charm was a trainwreck. Thomas Ravenel brought Ashley Jacobs into the mix, and from there, many of the other cast members saw some of what Kathryn Dennis had been complaining about for so long.

A few months back, two women came forward to accuse Thomas Ravenel of sexual assault.

One of them was the former nanny, Dawn, who took care of his children while he was with Kathryn Dennis. The other woman was someone he went out on a date with back in 2015 after meeting her on Tinder.

When the Southern Charm reunion was filmed, Thomas Ravenel did not show up to film. It was clear that many of the cast members were disgusted by the events of season 5 and the accusations against Thomas. Ashley Jacobs showed up to tape the reunion and stood by her man.

Earlier today, Thomas Ravenel posted on Twitter that he would not be returning to Southern Charm. He insinuated that storylines could be falsified, though many viewers of the show do not believe that much of it was altered, at least regarding his part.

Thomas Ravenel's tweet
Thomas Ravenel claims he quit Southern Charm

The biggest surprise was his shocking change of affection toward Patricia Altschul. They appeared to have a great relationship, and now, it has fallen apart.

He trashed her and while Ashley Jacobs talked poorly of her while filming the Southern Charm reunion. That was in poor taste according to several viewers who were shocked by the comments made.

Season 6 is a go, though no date for a return has been set. Without Thomas Ravenel there, several of the dynamics are expected to change. Moving forward, there are still plenty of stories left to tell.

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