This is woman Briana’s husband Matt cheated with on Little Women: LA, and she blames Briana

Stephania talking on the Little Women: LA reunion
Stephania defends her actions to Briana on the final part of the Little Women: LA reunion

Meet Stephania — the woman who Matt Grundhoffer admitted cheating on Briana Renee with on Little Women: LA.

Stephania takes to the stage in tonight’s concluding part of the season reunion, where she spills ALL the juicy details about the night she spent with Matt in Alaska

Matt previously admitted kissing Stephania, but will she reveal if they did more than that? The episode sees him break down in tears.

Meanwhile, Stephania REFUSES to apologize to Briana, saying: “Why would I?” She then BLAMES Briana for their liaison, saying: “You’re the reason why any of that happened.”

She adds: “No wonder this man liked me…to get away from you.”

And things take a dramatic turn when Elena Gant asks her outright: “Did you use a condom?”

Also on the final part of the reunion, Mary has a meltdown while defending her feuds with Elena and Tonya, and Kerwin and Angelique confirm ongoing troubles with his and Tonya’s engagement.

Plus, we get a sneak peek at Little Women: LA: Couples Retreat, which starts next week!

The Little Women: LA Reunion Part 2 airs at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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