This Is Us Season 4 release date: When does NBC show come back on TV in fall 2019?

This Is Us Season 4 release date is September 24th.
Season 4 of This Is Us returns Tuesday, September 24th on NBC. Pic Credit: NBC

NBC has announced the This Is Us Season 4 release date. The show is set to return for another highly anticipated season in Fall 2019.

When fans last saw the Pearson family at the end of Season 3, there were several new developments.

Beth and Randall decided to move to Philadelphia. They were packing up their three girls, Deja, Tess and Annie for a new start, in a new city. Beth is opening her own dance studio, while Randall is embarking on his new gig as a city councilman.

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Kevin and Zoe called it quits after he realized he wanted to be a father. In true Kevin fashion, he chose to deal with it by making a significant life change without thinking. He showed up at Kate and Toby’s apartment announcing he is staying in California indefinitely.

Speaking of Kate and Toby, they brought baby Jack home from the hospital. After a miscarriage and Jack’s premature birth, the couple is happy and ready to tackle parenthood. They will have help thanks to Rebecca and Miguel, who have decided to move to California too.

There was also a time jump into the future that answered a couple of questions but raised several more.

When did Nicky have a change of heart and reconnect with the Pearson family? Who is the mother of Kevin’s child? Are Kate and Toby still married? What is wrong with Rebecca? Why was Miguel not by his wife’s side?

Those are only a few of the burning questions fans are hoping will be resolved in the upcoming season.

The cast of This Is Us and creator Dan Fogelman gathered at “Pancakes with the Pearsons” event this past weekend to celebrate its nine 2019 Emmy nominations. Although it was a celebration, fans could not help but ask about Season 4 and attempt to get a few spoilers.

According to Deadline, Fogelman shared a few teasers for those attending the event. He revealed some secret cast members are joining the show. The new cast additions will have a major impact on the season.

The show creator also had a warning for This Is Us fans regarding the first two episodes.

“I would say that in the series, we have what I call little markers, little stakes we put in the ground that serve as grounding points for the whole arc of the whole series, and I would say our first two episodes of this season are two of those. So, it’s a big, bold, potentially polarizing, but in the best possible way start to the season,” Fogelman shared.

Details regarding storylines for Season 4 may be sparse, but the cast has been blessing fans with behind the scenes photos and videos. Mandy Moore, Justin Hartley, Sterling K. Brown and Chrissy Metz are happily back at work. They are also proud to be sharing their days on set with their fans.

This Is Us returns on Tuesday, September 24 at 9/8c on NBC.

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