This Is Us: Milo Ventimiglia teases Jack’s future on show

Is Milo Ventimiglia leaving This Is Us?
Milo Ventimiglia dishes Jack’s future as This Is Us shifts narratives. Pic Credit: NBC/Ron Batzdorff

Milo Ventimiglia is teasing Jack’s, as well as his future on This Is Us. The show is headed in a new direction for Season 4, leaving viewers to question what is going to happen to Milo and Jack.

Last week, Milo stepped behind the camera in the role of director for the first time. His new job added fuel to the fan frenzy the actor’s days on the drama are numbered.

The death of Jack was the biggest narrative for This Is Us in the first three seasons. Now the narrative has shifted focusing on life after Jack’s death.

Season 4 storylines are featuring the Pearson family as it moves forward, even setting up new timelines.

As the narrative changes and stories shift away from Jack and Rebecca as the core, fans wonder if it means less of Milo on-screen. The actor addressed the hot topic in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“Maybe that is a possibility,” he said.

While the possibility of seeing less of Jack is not great news for fans, Milo promises he and his character are not going anywhere.

“Even though there may be the perception that his storylines are limited, there’s always going to be some kind of relation between what the kids are going through today and what they experienced in the past, what they saw from their father in the past, or how Jack impacted or Rebecca in a way that he’s always going to be with her,” he shared with the magazine.

The fan-favorite also spilled he is aware of Jack’s presence through Season 6. Milo let fans know there may be times Jack is placed on the back burner to push forward more pressing stories.

In true stand-up guy fashion, Milo is perfectly fine if that happens. He views it as an opportunity to hone his director skills. Directing is the next phase in his career and Milo is thrilled to have the chance to learn it on the This Is Us set.

Fans may start seeing less of Milo Ventimiglia and Jack Pearson on screen. They are both an intracule part of the NBC drama, so neither is going anywhere. Thank God!

It is a new era for the show that keeps shocking fans with Pearson revelations and mysteries. Last week’s episode launched a story revolving around teenage Kate (Hannah Zeile) and her first-boyfriend Marc (Austin Abrams).

What do you think about the possibility of seeing less of Jack and Milo on-screen?

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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