This Is Us launches new Kate mystery: What happened with Marc?

What happened between teenage Kate and her boyfriend Marc on This Is Us?
This Is Us fans are concerned about teenage Kate’s relationship with Marc. Pic Credit: NBC

This Is Us has dropped a new mystery on fans. Last night’s episode ended with a creepy cliffhanger involving teenage Kate (Hannah Zeile) and her first boyfriend Marc (Austin Abrams).

In the past viewers saw Marc crash the Pearson family dinner celebrating Kevin (Logan Shroyer) and Sophie’s (Alexandra Breckenridge) marriage.

Kate is surprised that her secret record store romance shows up. At first, she simply calls him her “friend” but he quickly clarifies he is Kate’s boyfriend.

Marc claims to be there to support Kate during her awkward family dinner. He doesn’t make the best impression on the family. Kevin especially is not a fan. He is leery of Marc because he is older than Kate.

There is nothing specific in the episode to lead fans to think there is anything wrong with Kate’s first love, until the end. In the present day, Kate (Chrissy Metz) is looking at polaroid pictures and stumbles across one of her with Marc. Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Kate stare intently at the photo.

“I was trying so hard to hold it together that year after your father died. And I wanted to believe so badly that you kids were happy, I didn’t see what was happening,” Rebecca said.

“Neither did I.” responded Kate.

The creepy cliffhanger ending has left fans asking what the heck happened when Kate was dating Marc?

This Is Us executive producer, Isaac Aptaker, told Entertainment Weekly fans should be deeply concerned when it comes to the relationship. The way Kate and Rebecca speak in the present day, they alluded to Kate’s first romance not ending well. It will be life-altering for Kate and might impact her weight issues, according to Aptaker.

The second the credits rolled, fans began to create theories regarding what happened with Kate and Marc. One theory is that Marc abused Kate. When looking at the polaroid picture though, Kate didn’t appear to show any hate or anger toward him.

Another theory is that Marc died. Kate falls in love with the young man then loses him to death, just like her father. Perhaps he becomes sick or even worse Marc kills himself. It sets a tone for her overeating, as well as her not so great relationships with men.

Those are the two theories fans are talking about on social media right now. One thing is for sure, whatever happened is traumatic for Kate and it is something she carries with her forever.

What do you think happened with Marc?

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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