Things go bump in the night during Dumas Brothel lockdown on Ghost Adventures

Zak and the team investigate the haunted Dumas Brothel in Montana
Zak and the team investigate the haunted Dumas Brothel in Montana

This week the Ghost Adventures team head to Butte, Montana, to investigate ghostly activity at the Dumas Brothel.

Zak decides to chance a lockdown at the historical brothel and finds he loses some time and comes out with a mysterious scratch, though we’d bet he’s not the first man to come out of the brothel having lost time and with a scratch!

Dumas Brothel
The Dumas Brothel ran for over 90 years

Dumas Brothel used to be the longest-running in the country and operated for 92 years or “100 years of joy” as they boasted.

The two storey brick building is on Mercury Street and rather appropriately backs on to Venus alley. Women working in the brothel used to parade on the balconies in order to entice customers to enter.

However, in 1982 the then madam was convicted of tax fraud and sent to jail for 6 months. She sold it to an antique dealer on the condition it was kept in its historical state. He tried to open it as a museum but ran into various financial problems and finally in 2013 it was sold again.

Ghost Adventures at Dumas Brothel
Ghost Adventures looks for things going bump in the night at the Dumas Brothel

Two locals bought it with the intension of turning it into a B&B and offering ghostly tours.

Rudy Giecek, the antique dealer who bought it off the madam, thought it was haunted by the ghost of Elinor Knott – a madam who killed herself. Author Karen Stevens visited the brothel when she was doing some research and reported she felt a hand touching her own.

Other ghosts are also said to haunt the historical property.

Watch Ghost Adventures – Dumas Brothel at 9 PM on Travel Channel.

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