The Walking Dead: World Beyond — New show gets name, trailer

Ormond TWD
Julia Ormond as Elizabeth on The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 1. Pic credit: Zach Dilgard/AMC

The Walking Dead: World Beyond. That’s the name of the new show that will debut on AMC in 2020.

This is going to be the second spin-off show for The Walking Dead, with the first one being Fear the Walking Dead. FTWD is going to be getting a sixth season very soon, while TWD is working through Season 10.

On Sunday night, the midseason finale for The Walking Dead aired on AMC, but they couldn’t let it go quietly into the night. While the episode was packed with action, the network also had a big announcement to make.

Fans had taken to calling the new show TWD3, simply because AMC was being so cryptic about what it would be named. It appears that they were just waiting for a break in the action and the Whisperers before diverting attention away from the parent show.

Below is the brand new World Beyond trailer that was also released on Sunday.

Viewers who were paying close attention to the trailer may have seen long-time actress Julia Ormond making an appearance. She is another of the many characters that are being kept pretty mysterious before the show debuts.

What we know is that Ormond plays Elizabeth, someone in charge of an advanced civilization somewhere in the United States. We use the word advanced relatively loosely because it’s only advanced when considered that the timeline is post-apocalypse.

The premise of the new show is that it will deal with the first generation of kids that were born after walkers started roaming around the countryside. They will have a different view of how things work and that will certainly give the writers something unique to work with.

Yes, they have a helicopter.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond will debut in spring 2020.

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