The Walking Dead spoilers: Will new villain spark renewed interest in show?

Michonne on Season 9 of The Walking Dead
Michonne on Season 9 of The Walking Dead. Pic credit: AMC

The Walking Dead spoilers which fans have been waiting for have finally arrived. The Whisperers are here.

During the November 11 episode of the show, Rosita and Eugene end up coming across them. But they don’t know it yet.

As the episode came to a close, Rosita and Eugene were forced to cover themselves in mud in an effort to hide. But the walkers they are fleeing are a bit different than before. These walkers can speak? How horrific for the show’s protagonists.

What do these Walking Dead spoilers mean?

A lot of viewers may not realize that some of these walkers aren’t actually dead. Some of them are humans, wearing flesh masks to fit in with the undead.

It takes a certain temperament to pull off a disguise such as that, and it is going to lead to a lot of future drama on the show.

Casting news has already revealed that actress Samantha Morton will play Alpha and actor Ryan Hurst will play Beta. Alpha is the leader of the Whisperers, with Beta serving as her much more violent right-hand man.

The Whisperers will shift the dynamic on The Walking Dead

Many viewers who watched Rosita and Eugene try to hide in plain sight experienced the stress of having a herd of walkers so close by.

Raising the stakes on that drama is the fact that there are humans in that herd, able to control the movement of a herd while in motion.

The November 11 episode showed a lot of characters lost. Not physically lost, but still struggling to deal with the disappearance of Rick Grimes. Dealing with a new villain could force them out of their respective shells again. It could also create some very exciting storylines in the coming episodes.

The Walking Dead spoilers about the November 18 episode should come out a bit later. For now, fans can start looking forward to the official introduction of the Whisperers. It’s going to be a dramatic moment.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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