The Walking Dead spoilers: Popular cast member could leave the show?

Michonne, Daryl and others on The Walking Dead
The main cast keeps shrinking on The Walking Dead. Pic credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Potential The Walking Dead spoilers may have been revealed in an unintentional fashion. A primary character doesn’t have a Season 10 contract, leading to some online rumors that she may not be coming back.

In a report by Comic Book, it was revealed that actress Danai Gurira “may not return for Season 10.” That could be huge news for the show, as Gurira plays fan-favorite Michonne on the AMC hit.

Could Danai Gurira be considering leaving the show? That would follow the departures of Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan, which took place earlier in Season 9. Lincoln hasn’t completely left, though, as his character Rick will return in AMC movies.

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The Walking Dead return date

Michonne is still a big part of the cast for The Walking Dead return date. It falls on Sunday, February 10, which marks the first episode to the second half of Season 9.

It would be a really big deal if actress Danai Gurira really isn’t coming back for Season 10. It’s realistic because Gurira’s Hollywood career is taking off with her appearances in Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War.

If that ends up being confirmed information, it could hint at what will take place in the Season 9 finale. Could TWD viewers be seeing the final scenes starring Michoone? Would they really do that to Judith Grimes?

'Who Are Walkers & Who Are Whisperers?' Sneak Peek Ep. 909 | The Walking Dead

When viewers last saw the main characters of the show, they were coming up against a new evil. The end result was that Jesus may have died. Characters have a way of surviving attacks on the show, but even the actor who plays Jesus (Tom Payne) didn’t refute the death scene.

How will the heroes deal with the death of Jesus? Also, will the Whisperers be the worst enemy the survivors have ever faced?

The Walking Dead airs on Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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