The Walking Dead movie teaser trailer, release details revealed at Comic-Con 2019

The Walking Dead Movie
The Walking Dead movie teaser image. Pic credit: The Walking Dead/YouTube

Comic-Con information about The Walking Dead movie has surprised a lot of fans of the show. What it does do, though, is set the stage for people to watch it in a unique format.

Below is The Walking Dead movie teaser, released in order to spur some buzz about the upcoming film. That is exactly what it has accomplished, especially due to what fans will have to do to see it.

The Walking Dead theatrical release

There isn’t a lot of information that has been revealed about the upcoming Walking Dead movie, but at least fans now know it will be released in theaters. It’s an interesting twist to everything, but it should guarantee that the production value also just kicked up a notch.

The IMDb page for the film still includes just two characters. They are Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) and Anne (played by Pollyanna McIntosh). When we last saw the characters, Rick was being transported by a helicopter that Anne had called after he blew up the bridge.

The show did a time jump on AMC, moving ahead to deal with the Whisperers. The plan is to now go back and cover that time jump where Rick is still alive through three TWD movies.

While the exact release date has not been confirmed by AMC, it is interesting to note that it will not be a television debut. The TWD film is still untitled as well, but that may be a plan to keep the exact subject matter under wraps for a while longer.

Walking Dead Season 10 on the horizon

In addition to hints about the upcoming TWD film starring Rick, the television show got its own time to be in the spotlight at Comic-Con 2019.

A long trailer for The Walking Dead Season 10 gave a look at what the characters will be up to this fall. It is a deep dive into the friction between the main characters and the Whisperers.

For fans of the show, it’s been a great day, as Comic-Con just keeps giving more information about TWD and its two sister shows.

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