The View fans worry about Joy Behar’s lengthy absence

Joy Behar at a random event
Fans of The View are worried over Joy Behar’s absence. Pic credit: ©

Fans of The View know there is a sequence to when the ladies are off on the show, and when things change, they wonder what is up with their favorite talk show host.

It helps to know that Whoopi Goldberg is typically off on Fridays, and Joy Behar is off on Mondays, giving the ladies a much-needed long weekend each week.

When someone is out, the absence not only shakes things up on the set, but fans also worry about their favorite co-hosts, so when Whoopi Goldberg announced that Joy Behar was out a second time, fans knew something was up with Joy.

Joy Behar was in her seat earlier in the week but missed two shows after a heated segment with Bill Mahar, and fans are beginning to worry.

Whatever your political stance is, during a presidential election year, everyone’s emotions get stirred up easily.

The last time Joy Behar was on the show, Bill Mahar had a heated political segment, and fans are concerned about it since she has missed the following two shows.

Fans are wondering where Joy is and why she’s off the show

It isn’t like Joy to miss the show unless she was sick like she was in December when she contracted COVID-19 and missed so many weeks of The View.

She could not return until after the Christmas break, and fans loved it when she was finally able to return.

Now that she has missed again, fans are commenting about the absence. One fan said, “Where’s Joy?”

A fan wonders where Joy Behar is since she's not on The View
A fan wonders about Joy Behar on The View. Pic credit: @LibraAbsolut/X

Another fan speculated that the absence may be because of an internal suspension from the show. This fan said, “Another day without Joy? I have a feeling she was suspended for her comments about Trump supporters.”

A fan wonders about Joy Behar
A fan from The View remarks about Joy Behar’s absence. Pic credit: @Whitneyfan90/X

Joy has not been called out for her attitude lately, but there is no indication that she would be suspended for sharing her views on the show. The last time she was in the hot seat was when she looked bored during a musical segment.

Sara Haines shared a look into her day at The View

In a paid partnership with the laundry detergent All, Sara Haines shared a behind-the-scenes video of an average day when she comes in to shoot The View.

Sara is everyone’s favorite and has a lovely heart for others. The video shows what a typical workday looks like for Sara.

From waking up just after 7 am to finishing up around half past noon, Sara’s morning is a fast-paced, intense day of preparing to present her perspective on The View.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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