The View fans worry about an ‘almost manic’ Sara Haines

Sara Haines on the red carpet
Fans from The View are worried about Sara Haines. Pic credit: © Zumapress

Sara Haines has a history of being friendly and calm on The View, often keeping Whoopi Goldberg awake and interested in what the other ladies discuss.

Whoopi has a history of looking uninterested in some softer subjects the ladies discuss on The View, and Sara is always there to wake her up or bring her back to the discussion.

Sara is like the big sister everyone wants to have, one who is always there with a smile and eager to help out.

Lately, Sara has been acting differently, and fans are starting to notice and question if something is going on with the beloved co-host.

In one segment of The View regarding medicating a spouse without them knowing about it, Sara’s actions caused fans to speak out on Reddit.

Whoopi started the segment by referencing a question from The New York Times column. While Alyssa Farah Griffin was speaking, Sara flopped over and laughed manically.

Fans question if Sara is ‘okay’ after looking ‘almost manic’ on The View

Sara has fans who care about her, and how she is doing, and when they notice something may be off, they are quick to speak out on social media.

One fan shared on Reddit that “some days she’s extra rambling and almost manic. Taking over the conversation, hands flapping wildly, point nowhere to be seen.”

This fan also noticed that Sara seemed to bother the other co-hosts, Alyssa, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin.

A fan is concerned about Sara Haines on The View
A fan voices concern over how Sara Haines has acted on The View. Pic credit: u/Fernwehing/Reddit

Another fan shared they have been wondering the same thing and said, “She seems so irritable recently and even looks annoyed when people say something slightly off…she might be going through a rough time right now. I hope she’s okay.”

A fan shares concerns about Sara Haines on Reddit
A fan responds on Reddit with concerns about Sara Haines. Pic credit: u/Fernwehing/Reddit

As of writing this, Sara Haines has not publicly shared that she is going through anything unusual. She could be having a bad week.

More news about The View’s co-hosts

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Joy Behar could not help herself and cut Alyssa Farah Griffin off mid-sentence earlier in the week.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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