The View fans are calling Sunny Hostin ‘tacky’ over this wardrobe choice

Sunny Hostin at a random event.
Sunny Hostin is getting flack over her wardrobe choice for a wedding. Pic credit: ©

It is not wedding season yet, but several of the ladies on The View went to a wedding over the weekend for a longtime friend.

Don Lemon married Tim Malone in a ceremony in New York City on Saturday, April 6, 2024.

According to, television journalist Don Lemon made the news with Tim Malone and all the celebrities who came, including Alec Baldwin, Matt Lauer, and Luann de Lesseps.

Whoopi Goldberg commented on the wedding during the hot topic segment on The View and congratulated the couple.

Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Ana Navarro, and Sunny Hostin attended the wedding, although Sunny had to leave before the end because she had a stomach bug.

Out of all the ladies on The View who attended the wedding, Sunny stood out and caused an internet controversy with her outfit.

Fan calls Sunny ‘tacky’ for wearing white to a wedding

A sharp-eyed fan noticed Sunny wore a white suit to the wedding and commented about it on Reddit.

Many were not happy with her choice to wear a white outfit and did not hesitate to express their opinions.

One fan said, “Sunny wore white to a wedding. She has such a case of main character energy it’s so cringe.” Sunny does have a history of putting herself first, such as when she interrupted Arnold Schwarzenegger, as reported by Monsters and Critics.

Another said, “She would be the first person to say how inappropriate this is. The etiquette expert.”

One last fan summed it up, saying, “That was tacky.”

Fans call out Sunny Hostin for wearing white to a wedding.
Pic credit: u/byelection/r/theview/

According to Miss Manners, “When in doubt, don’t wear the white dress.”

That advice goes even if it is a marriage between two men. It is not known if Sunny asked beforehand or not, but there are other colors in the rainbow that are more appropriate for a wedding guest.

Sunny was on Brian Teta’s podcast, The View: Behind the Table, and gushed over the wedding but added she was under the weather and had to leave early.

Sara Haines’ husband, Max Shifrin, shared a photo with ‘The Countess’

Max Shifrin, Sara Haine’s husband, posted a photo from Don Lemon’s wedding that included a surprising face from The Real Housewives franchise, Countess Luann de Lesseps from RHONY.

In the photo posted on Max’s temporary Instagram reels, Sara and Max look on, smiling with another unnamed blonde, while Luann grins at the bottom of the image.

Sara Haines' husband Max Shifrin posted a photo of Don Lemon's wedding
Countess de Lesseps shows up in a photo by Max Shifrin on Instagram. Pic credit: @maxshifrin/Instagram

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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1 month ago

She didn’t used to believe in gay marriage or abortions. So she certainly has changed over the years.