The View co-hosts spar over when it’s OK to fight

Whoopi Goldberg on The View.
Whoopi Goldberg on The View. Pic credit: ABC

The ladies on The View usually do not back down from a fight. They love to snap at each other, jab at each other, and tell each other exactly how they feel.

Host Joy Behar often comes to the show cranky, and executive producer Brian Teta has noticed it. He has asked her about it on the podcast The View: Behind the Table.

Joy agreed with Brian that she was “dark,” saying, “I worry about nuclear war all the time. I’m a worrier.”

Joy has even shaded her co-host Sara Haines because she goes to therapy. It was during a segment on New Yorkers who are giving up therapists in favor of psychics.

Today, the same type of shenanigans were going on with the ladies. Whoopi Goldberg introduced a clip about fighting on the Congressional level.

She began, “There were a lot of fighting words going around during the House and Senate committees…”

Joy cannot believe what Sara Haines just said on the show

Whoopi began the discussion and showed the ladies a highlight reel of the fighting.

After seeing the clip, the ladies sat there in shock, and Joy quipped, “This is why the Congress… has a lower approval rating than the coronavirus.”

Sunny Hostin joined in and said, “That’s some thuggery.”

Sara started a long speech, “It takes a unique person to turn to physical activity.”She went on to imply she could not imagine ever resorting to violence unless her life were in danger.

She concluded, “I would never be moved to want to hurt someone.”

Joy jumped in, “Really? On this show, you never felt that way?”

Sara quickly said, “No, I’m a hugger, not a fighter.” Joy snorted because she didn’t believe Sara one bit.

The segment ended on a good note. Joy and Sara started hugging it out and telling each other they loved each other.

The entire clip can be seen below.

The View fans shared their opinions of this segment on X, formerly known as Twitter

During the segment, Sunny talked aggressively about fighting and threw up her hands in a boxer’s pose. One fan, @UnderherfeetI on X, formerly known as Twitter, said, ‘You know @sunny is really NYC. Did you see the way she threw her hands? She’ll knock you out. #TheView.

And then, @gramfurn commented on Joy asking Sara if she had ever wanted to hit someone on The View.

Twitter fans of The View react to the show
Pic credit: @UnderherfeetI/@gramfurn/X
Twitter fan of The View sounds off.
Pic credit: @bolotitan/X

One last fan, @bolotitan, called the ladies out, telling them they were lying if they never wanted to smack Meghan McCain. Meghan was a co-host on The View for four seasons and left for better pastures.

The ladies of The View should know by now that they cannot fool their fans.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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