Joy Behar shades Sara Haines about going to therapy

Joy Behar on The View
Joy Behar threw some serious shade at co-host Sara Haines on The View. Pic credit: ABC

Sara Haines has had quite a time lately on The View.

Recently, she caused a stir by giving Arnold Schwarzenegger an ultimatum while he was on the show.

She put him on the spot over a challenge. If he could not complete the challenge, the audience would not get a copy of his latest book, Be Useful: Seven Tools For Life.

In a show before that, Sara was censored on air. She called former President Donald Trump a “jerk-off” when a producer cut her off.

Still, that’s not the only time she was silenced. Viewers could see her lips moving yet could not hear the curse words she was attempting to say in another heated political discussion.

Today was hard for Sara, but for a different reason, and she did not seem to see it coming.

Joy Behar took a shot at Sara out of the blue

Joy started a segment about a New York Post article about New Yorkers ditching therapy for psychics.

“Some New Yorkers are giving up on their therapists,” said Joy as she looked and gestured at Sara.

As Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin averted their eyes, Alyssa Farah Griffin laughed out loud at this jab.

Visibly taken aback, Sara said, “She’s literally looking at me!”

In an effort to calm Sara down, Joy chuckled and said, “Looking at you because I know you have one” (referring to a therapist).

‘I’m sorry to burst your bubble,’ continued Joy Behar

Continuing after the dig at Sara over having a therapist, Joy shared her views on the subject, “…psychics cannot see the future, ghosts aren’t real, and I’m not a natural redhead.”

Sunny replied, saying, “Joy, there are intuitives.” She went on to say, “I want the witchcraft.”

Then Sunny said, “I’m not an expert in therapy; I’ve never seen a therapist. I probably need intense therapy.”

She recently said this same thing on The View in a segment addressing crying in men. Sunny admitted she has a problem crying and may need therapy over it.

Sara explained to the ladies how therapists work versus psychics, concluding, “I enjoy going to a psychic. I sometimes get tired of going to my therapist.”

Alyssa let on that she likes psychics, and Ana Navarro decided it was a great time to jump in with a question. She asked the ladies, “Can we please talk about tequila therapy?”

Ana went on to say, “I get my therapy from margaritas and great salsa music and great events!”

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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