The Rookie Season 6 trailer teases Bailey and Nolan wedding curse, taking down criminal masterminds and more

Nathan Fillion as Nolan on The Rookie
The Rookie is back and Season 6 brings the drama. Pic credit: ABC

The Rookie Season 6 trailer has finally been released by ABC, and it does not disappoint!

Nolan (Nathan Fillion), Bradford (Eric Winter), Lopez (Alyssa Diaz), Harper (Mekia Cox), Grey (Richard T. Jones), Chen (Melissa O’Neil), and Juarez (Lisseth Chavez) are all back in action, tracking down the bad guys that attacked their own.

Season 5 of The Rookie ended with Thorsen’s (Tru Valentino) life hanging in the balance after he was shot, and Juarez was beaten. Thorsen’s fate isn’t revealed in the trailer, a move to keep The Rookie fans on edge until the premiere.

After months of waiting for a glimpse at what’s coming with The Rookie crew, fans have been given more insight.

Priority number one is catching the guys who are planning a terrorist attack on Los Angeles.

However, Bailey (Jenna Dewan) and Nolan’s wedding day has arrived too, but first, he must make it through his shift, which Harper declares a curse.

Catching up with the Mid-Wilshire team on The Rookie

The trailer kicks off with Grey spouting sharing words of wisdom in a voice-over with several different scenes teased.

Finding the mystery man in the black escalade that led the LAPD to the wrong target remains the focus for the Mid-Wilshire team. A crash, an explosion, and more issues arise for the Mid-Wilshire team as they pursue various suspects.

There’s some sort of bank robbery that also results in an explosion, as well as Grey admitting that they haven’t caught the mastermind. This group of criminals has all the cops on edge, that’s for sure.

Grey is determined to bring them down for the chaos the group has brought to the department and civilians.

The Rookie Season 6 trailer teases Bailey and Nolan’s wedding curse

It’s not all about finding the criminal masterminds, though. There is plenty of time for some romance on The Rookie, too.

Chen and Bradford are still going strong, with things getting pretty steamy between them. Lopez and Wesley (Shawn Ashmore) share a loving moment, too.

The couple of the hour, though, is Nolan and Bailey, whose wedding day has arrived or will arrive after he gets in one last shift.

Despite Harper’s warning of the last-shift wedding curse, Nolan doesn’t believe in that sort of thing until he gets a phone call from his bride-to-be.

Nolan’s words, of course, mean trouble is on the horizon for the wedding and his final shift before getting married.

More questions than answers are provided in The Rookie Season 6 trailer, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. The hit ABC show wants to keep fans wondering until the highly anticipated premiere.

The Rookie Season 6 premieres on Tuesday, February 20, at 9/8c on ABC. Seasons 1-5 are streaming on Hulu.

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