The Rookie recap: Heartstopper from beginning to end

Nolan decides to let the police arrest him
Nolan surrenders to the inevitable Pic credit: ABC

Welcome back, everyone! Seriously it’s been ages since we last saw our favorites, albeit under stressful circumstances for Nolan. The Rookie did not waste any time picking up where we left off and opened with one hell of an hour.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

Nail Biter from the Start

I’m not sure I took many breaths in those opening minutes. With Nolan and Harper scrambling for cover while Armstrong was spreading his vicious lies, only a guy with a gunshot wound would make me want to punch him for framing two other officers to save his own hide.

The speed with which everything unfolded threw me for a loop, and yet it shouldn’t have. As fast as Nolan and Harper tried to tell the truth, everyone else was forming their opinions on who was the true liar, and dirty cop.

I know everyone was trying to do their jobs, but the seriousness of the entire matter hit like a brick wall. Between Wesley making it clear the privilege Nolan was getting for being a white police officer, and Commander West pointing out the mistakes Harper made in investigating with Nolan on their own, there wasn’t time for screwing around.

Wesley certainly embraced that, and I loved him for immediately hitting the ground running on defending Nolan. Even when it meant arguing with his fiancé, and standing his ground against Sergeant Gray. I never thought I’d type this, but thank God for stubborn lawyers.

Gray might have been angry ten times over, but he wasn’t going to leave any stone unturned. Between Angela hunting down Armstrong’s whereabouts, and sending Bradford and Chen to Rosalind, they were onto the truth.

Meanwhile, despite his entire life imploding, Nolan was still determined to make up for his mistakes and might be the only person who could talk his way into investigating a criminal right now. Harper helping him as best she could made me want to hug them both for still looking out for each other among all this.

Ultimately though, actions do have consequences. They took down Darian, but it cost Nolan and Harper a letter of reprimand which, from my instincts, isn’t good for either of their careers. At the end of the day though. he and everyone else have to live with the choices they made.

Which is going to be a big part of what kind of change is coming. The highlight of the ends justifying the means attitude wasn’t lost on me in the slightest, and it was impressive the show put this in the spotlight right off. I’m looking forward to seeing how they keep that in the fabric of this season.

Believe what’s in your heart

As many lies were spinning around, it’s not any wonder everyone outside this craziness was struggling. That they managed to keep doing their jobs amidst this mess showcases despite everything they won’t give up no matter what’s thrown their way.

On the relationship side, Wesley speaking to Angela about her positive pregnancy test made me tear up in a good way. Angela’s fears were straight from the heart, and I couldn’t blame her for feeling the way she did. Her amazing fiancé thankfully opened his heart up about all the good to come, even if they couldn’t kiss right at that moment.

I’d be lying if it didn’t feel vindicating that Jackson and Lucy didn’t buy Nolan or Harper being corrupt for a second. Bradford’s doubts were entirely in character given he tends to go on the side of being cautious, but he’s not a guy to doubt the truth once he knows it.

On that note, Lucy having to face down Rosalind was one of the more emotionally charged moments of this hour, and that’s saying something. The reveal that the camera was for her, commending Lucy’s lack of fear with the song she sang was downright chilling. Annie Wersching makes for one h*ll of a terrifying serial killer.

These guys have all had their lives one way or another, turned upside down. As excited as I am to see the after of literally everything, I have no idea how this is going to go. Man that’s one way of opening a season, bravo Rookie writers.

Final Thoughts

First off, I’ll be blunt, I wasn’t sure what to expect after I heard the show was looking to tackle looking at the uglier side of being a police officer. If this opener was any indication though, they are getting straight to the point after Wesley made it clear that Nolan benefited from his looks and status.

How it’s addressed going forward is something I’ll be keeping an eye out for since this is something I’m not sure has ever been fully looked at before. At least not in a way that’s a reflection of what this country has seen, and struggled with especially this year.

Armstrong, it was (not) nice knowing you, but I’ll miss Harold Perrineau way more. He lit up the screen, and I hope to see him again someday. Preferably as a good guy, please.

I can’t forget to congratulate Angela on finally being promoted to detective! I’m so excited for her, and while the timing is a challenge, I have no doubt she’ll rise to meet it.

On a fangirl moment, Bradford being protective of Lucy facing down Rosalind and his reaction to what she said was frankly everything for my shipper heart. Their conversation later just reminded me of how much I missed them and I cannot wait to see how their last 30 days as rookie and T.O. go.

Change is in the air, and if the Rookie is racing to embrace it, bring it on.

The Rookie airs on Sundays at 10/9c on ABC.

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