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The Rookie recap: A wedding cliffhanger to remember

Melissa O'Neil stars as Officer Chen on The Rookie
Officer Chen walks into undercover work Pic credit: ABC

The Rookie season finale (not the series, thank God) is here, and my goodness did “Threshold” deliver.

I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve said a word about this show, but despite my absence, I couldn’t imagine skipping what was one h*ll of a finale.

Shall we dive in?

Whatever happens, don’t give up

Don’t give up. That straight up felt like the most appropriate words to say about literally everyone in this finale. Lucy had a full out UC ride as a chemist, Tamara & Cyrus teamed up with Wesley’s mom to pull off a last-minute wedding, and Nolan refused to ever stop doing the right thing.

That’s a lot to swallow in a season finale, but man, am I glad this show is coming back for a fourth season. To start with, I loved every minute of Lucy’s undercover operation. If she’s determined to do something, she finds a way to figure it out.

Her ability to distinguish Nova from Lucy was flawless to me, and fighting every moment to do what she could to keep people from being hurt, especially when she was pulled over by Tim and Jackson.

Her connection with Bradford is indescribable, and how with a simple touch, she’s able to communicate she’s got this while maintaining her cover with armed & dangerous men. Yes, I’m a total Chenford shipper, but his faith in her ability bowled me over.

At the end of the day, she trusts herself to do her job, whether it’s riding patrol or busting dangerous drug dealers like La Fiera, who waltzes in like she owns everything she looks at.

I just wish that had been the end of it. Sadly for someone as connected as she is, giving up isn’t in her vocabulary either.

On the lighter side of things, Nolan meets a lovely bada** firefighter when she’s locked out of a house in a towel. The fact that it was a romance novel meet-cute didn’t detract from their adorable flirty banter.

I really hope they keep her around because her hitting it off with Fiona was the icing on the cake. Nolan, if you feel like a slacker around these ladies, well, you’d better take notice.

The best kind of back up

In spite of how utterly dangerous it all was, and usually is, the moment everyone stormed in to arrest La Fiera and help Lucy was beyond words. Every minute Lucy was on that op, Nyla & Tim were focused on looking out for her no matter what.

This focus literally turned into 400 cops across L.A. searching all over the city when she missed her midnight check-in. Her mom and dad may not be supportive, but she isn’t any less loved by everyone who’s ever worked with her.

That’s one of the best aspects of seeing these characters standing up for each other. Even if it’s just Nolan making an enemy at the DA’s office because he will never stop trying to do the right thing.

He may be infuriatingly stubborn to everyone opposing him, but the highlight focusing on up-charging wobblers was illuminating. The myriad of ways the Rookie writers have touched on highlighting ways police can do better has been impressive across the board.

I hope they keep it up next season, especially after that wedding cliffhanger that made me yell at my screen.

Final Thoughts

  • First things first, even if the wedding didn’t happen YET, seeing Wesley’s mom pull it off in two days with Tamara and Silas was everything good in the world. Tamara didn’t hesitate to dive in and get it done, plus the look on Tim’s face when she asked for his badge, haha.
  • Smitty being unapologetic in liking where he’s at was an interesting perspective, though clearly, he’s never going to think Nolan isn’t bad luck after that sniper attack.
  • I’m both excited and frustrated La Fiera’s time isn’t over on the Rookie. One, her scenes with Lopez were always so good to watch, and two, I’m MAD she had the gall to kidnap her from her own freaking wedding.
  • Angela and her baby had better be completely fine when everyone rescues her from that drug lord because there will be h*ll to pay otherwise.
  • I’m also asking nicely for more friendship scenes. Between Nyla & Lucy and Tim & Angela, this finale (and season) was amazing for friendships, so please keep going with this in season four.
  • I have no clue how this cliffhanger is going to get resolved, but from showrunner Alexi Hawley’s answers here, it’s going to be interesting….
  • Is it fall yet, as that’s when I’m really hoping this show comes back!

The Rookie airs on Sundays at 10/9c on ABC.