The Rookie featuring two Los Angeles Rams stars, Kevin Daniels on special episode tonight

The Rookie featuring two Los Angeles Rams stars, Kevin Daniels on special episode tonight
Titus Makin Jr., Eric Winter, and Kevin Daniels on The Rookie. Pic credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Well, if there is one way to follow up on the fears of the end of the world on last week’s ABC’s The Rookie, it is reminding everyone that Sundays are a great time for football.

On tonight’s episode of The Rookie, Safety, Officers West and Bradford are heading out to help a community football league.

The Rookie couldn’t pass up the chance to bring in some real NFL football players as well. Both free safety Eric Weddle and wide receiver Robert Woods of the Los Angeles Rams will appear on tonight’s episode as volunteers for the team.

Also appearing as a guest star tonight as another volunteer is actor Kevin Daniels.

Here is what you need to know about tonight’s episode of The Rookie.

Who are Eric Weddle and Robert Woods on The Rookie?

Eric Weddle and Robert Woods are members of the Los Angeles Rams football team in the NFL.

Weddle is a 13-year veteran in the NFL, and this is his first season to play with the Rams. Before this, he spent the first nine years of his career with the San Diego Chargers before moving on to the Baltimore Ravens for three seasons.

Weddle signed with the Rams in 2019 on a two-year contract.

Robert Woods, on the other hand, has a longer tenure with the Rams. After starting his career with the Buffalo Bills in 2013, he moved on to the Rams in 2017 and was part of their Super Bowl team in 2018.

He is also at home in Los Angeles, as he played college football at USC.

Who is Kevin Daniels on The Rookie?

Unlike Weddle and Woods, Kevin Daniels is an actor taking on the role of one of the volunteers for the community football team.

Daniels has appeared in several popular shows as a guest star over the years, including Law & Order, Frasier, Chuck, House, and Modern Family.

However, he had a larger role in the Freeform series Sirens, as Hank, the openly gay paramedic partner and lifelong friend of the lead character, Michael.

The Rookie airs on Sunday nights at 9/8c on ABC.

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