The Rap Game: Queen Latifah helps kids stand out from crowd

Queen Latifah on tonight's episode of The Rap Game on Lifetime
Queen Latifah on tonight’s episode of The Rap Game on Lifetime

On tonight’s The Rap Game on Lifetime, the legend that is Queen Latifah shares her wisdom with the young rappers by teaching them how to stand out from the crowd.

The hip-hop pioneer knows just how important image is to any artist, and in this episode — titled Fresh to Def — she helps the contenders hone their own unique brands.

It follow’s last week’s episode where Nelly and Monica both stepped in to help the kids as they were made to create and record raps about their home cities.

The challenge saw Lil’ Key topped host Jermaine Dupri’s Hit List, with Mani in second, The Prince of New York third, Nia Kay fourth, and Jayla Marie in fifth at the bottom.

Tally and Mini Barbie were both sent home in the first week, which featured Snoop Dogg, Timbaland and Da Brat.

Also on tonight’s episode, the rappers take part in a contest in a bid to get themselves featured on the cover of a leading hip-hop magazine.

Meanwhile, there’s some conflict between one of the parents and her child, which could put in jeapordy their place on this week’s Hit List.

But who will come out top?

The Rap Game airs Fridays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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