The Rap Game: Bow Wow’s in the house as things get serious for Lil’ Key

Bow Wow talks to Jermaine during filming of tonight's episode of The Rap Game
Bow Wow talks to host Jermaine during filming of tonight’s episode of The Rap Game

On tonight’s The Rap Game, Bow Wow is in the building as things get serious for Lil’ Key after he messes up a performance.

In the episode titled We Don’t Take No L’s, the young rappers can’t hide their excitement when Bow Wow turns up.

But with such a big star around the pressure’s on as host and So So Def boss Jermaine Dupi says of the kids: “They better not embarrass me, and they better be ready.”

But things start to quickly go south for Lil’ Key, who came joint second with Jayla Marie on last week’s Hit List, when he messes up a rap in front of Bow Wow.

A preview clip shows Lil’ Key’s mother totally laying into him about how he’s worrying about things too much.

Meanwhile, Mani is having an altogether better week as Bow Wow praises him over his movement on stage, and he gets the other contestants pulling some serious moves.

But it’s maybe no surprise that Mani is pulling it out the bag this week, as another clip shows him totally focused on the task ahead, remaining in his room to practice his rap while the others play in the pool.

His mum says: “Mani didn’t go outside to play with the kids. Mani didn’t get in the pool. Not because mama said ‘no, you need to stay in and practice’. It’s because he said, ‘no, I’ve got to get this right’.”

Tonight’s drama-filled episode of The Rap Game also sees Da Brat spending time with the youngsters, and another manager faces a crisis as well.

Meanwhile, Jermaine teaches the kids about So So Def’s history and toys over sending a finalist packing — for the first time ever. Is it Lil’ Key?

The Rap Game airs Fridays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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