The Proposal’s Dr. Buck and Nicole: Are they still together? [Update]

Dr. Buck Parker poses for the 'Gram
Dr. Buck Parker found love on The Proposal but did he stay with Nicole? — Pic credit: @drbuckparker/Instagram

The Proposal was back with another huge episode tonight and the main bachelor was a doctor. The producers appropriately called him Dr. Buck and it was later revealed to be Dr. Buck Parker.

Dr. Buck is a surgeon, who is looking for love. Throughout the episode, he had his pick of 10 women and he quickly narrowed the field down to seven for the swimsuit portion.

However, at the end of the episode, Dr. Buck chose Nicole. She was the front-runner throughout the episode, as he would always pick her as the first women during the elimination rounds.

When he proposed, she accepted. But she didn’t accept until she had uttered the words, “are you kidding me?”

Given she didn’t say much of substance throughout the entire episode, viewers were in shock on Twitter. They were convinced that he would pick Katie, who simply wanted a partner and an equal. So, are Dr. Buck and Nicole still together?

Well, The Proposal didn’t actually provide an update for the doctor and Nicole after the show. Viewers guessed that the lack of update does hint that they are no longer together.

In addition, Dr. Buck shared a video of him coming home from work as the episode was airing, and he wasn’t wearing a ring. The video is graphic, so we have chosen not to show it here.

It’s surprising that so many people have survived this show in terms of the odds against them. Former Bachelor and Bachelorette couples tend to break up shortly after getting engaged, but it sounds like the couples from The Proposal actually stay together longer. While one of the couples has broken up, it sounds like the majority of couples are still going strong after getting engaged on the show.

UPDATE: As it turns out, Dr. Buck and Nicole are still together! Despite viewer guesses that they would not stick together because of incompatibility, it sounds like they are doing well. The official The Proposal Twitter account revealed that the happy couple appears to enjoy one another.

The Proposal airs on Mondays at 10/9c on ABC. 

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