The Proposal couples: Who are still together after ABC show? [Updated]

The Proposal ABC

The Proposal ABC

The Proposal is a new show on ABC, where one mystery person gets to select someone they can propose to – or get a proposal from – from a group of eligible bachelors or bachelorettes. The premise of the show is that a proposal takes place at the end of each episode and the lucky couple will live happily ever after.

While viewers were skeptical at first because the Bachelor and Bachelorette couples barely survive after having dated for two months, it sounds like the success rate of The Proposal couples is indeed much higher. These are the featured couples and their relationship status.

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Mike and Monica

Mike and Monica was the first couple to get engaged on the show. He was the one choosing the ladies and it seems like he made the right choice. The official The Proposal Twitter account revealed that they were indeed still together and exploring the idea of a life together after the show.

Ashlee and Jordan

Okay, so the first couple Mike and Monica survived the show and got engaged. The show had to start with a success story, so many expected that the second couple to be featured would flop. But Ashlee and Jordan got engaged on the show and they are still very much together. In an update featured on the official The Proposal Twitter account, it sounds like they are adjusting to life outside of the show and it looks like it’s a good life.

Sophia and Stephen

Sophia and Stephen was the third couple to be featured on the show. However, they didn’t end up staying engaged after the show ended. However, it sounds like they have good things to say about The Proposal and their growing friendship. Check out their individual videos below about their breakup.

LisaRaye and Anthony [Updated]

LisaRaye McCoy was the first recognizable face on the show. Many people recognized the actress and she was the one in the pod, choosing the suitors for herself. While many people thought she had made the wrong decision, it sounds like Anthony was the right one for her. LisaRaye and Anthony are still together to this day and they even had a viewing party, where Anthony proposed again.

Update: There’s an update to report. On August 16, LisaRaye McCord announced she had ended her engagement to Anthony. She revealed that while she had gained a friend, they were simply not compatible for marriage.”

Nicole and Buck

When Dr. Buck was in the pod, he quickly noticed Nicole. She was tall, had blonde hair, and she appeared to be quite the catch. While viewers questioned their connection because Nicole appeared to lack much substance, it sounds like they are indeed a great fit for one another. Dr. Buck must have found that special something Nicole has – other than her being super lucky to be on The Proposal, as they are still very much together.

Latoya and Tyler

Latoya, a successful attorney, was ready to find her Mr. Perfect when she appeared in the pod. Even though viewers felt she had sent the wrong man home when she sent Michael packing, it sounds like she trusted her gut with Tyler.

The two are indeed still together, even though some viewers thought they were an odd fit. Opposites attract and these two continues to prove it.

Winston and Abby

Winston was the self-made millionaire, who had a past in the entertainment industry. On the show, he revealed that he also had a clothing company and a construction company. He chose Abby, the Las Vegas showgirl. While they clicked on the show, they quickly ended the engagement after a date in Las Vegas. They split amicably based on the official tweet from The Proposal’s Twitter account.

Dr. Celine and Tommy

Dr. Celine and Tommy

Dr. Celine is a busy doctor in New York and she came on the show to find love. From the beginning, Tommy Taylor Jr. was a front-runner and she was excited to start something with him.

He proposed and it sounds like they are indeed going strong. Based on the update from the official The Proposal Twitter account, they are getting to know each other while growing their relationship.

Michael and Ashley

During this episode, Michael had insane chemistry with Ashley. They were flirting, they had massive weight loss in common and she made him laugh with his impressions.

And yet, Michael chose Ashley, the quiet and reserved woman, who only talked about what she wanted during her proposal speech. Needless to say, Michael and Ashley are no longer together and one has to wonder if he tried to get in contact with Jasmine after the show.

Amber and Johnny

Amber, the blonde mother of two, had Shad and Johnny as her final two picks. She wanted a mix between Mr. Rogers and Christian Grey. She chose the man, who seemed to win everyone’s hearts during The Proposal finale.

Despite having great chemistry on stage and during the proposal, it sounds like Amber and Johnny couldn’t make their engagement work. According to the official Twitter account for The Proposal, they did try dating after the show but they decided to remain friends.

The Proposal airs on Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.

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