The Price Is Right’s Drew Carey watches contestant fall to the floor during prize reveal

host drew carey face shot from the price is right on cbs
Host Drew Carey during the May 21 episode of The Price Is Right. Pic credit: CBS

The Price Is Right host Drew Carey became “Uncle Drew” and watched a contestant fall to the floor during a recent on-stage moment.

The popular game show often has some sweet prizes for contestants, including trips, cash, and cars.

Sometimes, those prizes can bring a lot of excitement, and contestants are overwhelmed with emotions.

Fortunately, the woman who fell on stage was completely fine, and Carey didn’t need to resuscitate her after her excited reaction.

Carey, 65, has seen plenty of surprising and exciting moments as the show’s host since 2007.

That included an impressive Showcase Showdown feat, where a contestant could take home a nice collection of prizes.

More recently, he experienced another unique interaction with a contestant and some excitement during her time on stage.

Contestant falls on stage during The Price Is Right

During the Tuesday, May 21 episode of The Price Is Right, a contestant named Amylah showed lots of enthusiasm after joining host Drew Carey on stage.

After dancing up to the stage and hugging Carey, Amylah stood beside him and referred to him a few times as “Uncle Drew.”

“Nice to see you,” Carey told her after they met on stage.

“It’s nice to see you too, Uncle Drew!” she said, with the host amused by her greeting.

screencap of drew carey with contestant on the price is right on cbs
Host Drew Carey greets a contestant on The Price Is Right. Pic credit: CBS

“Uncle Drew- It’s a long story. I don’t have time to get into it,” Carey joked as he and the contestant laughed.

“George, what do we got for my niece?” Carey asked announcer George May, who laughed too.

“Cousin George wants you to have a brand new car!” George announced, which immediately got Amylah fired up.

Her celebration included her falling to the floor next to Drew and rolling around a bit before getting back up and pretending she was going to faint next to the host several times.

screen capture from the price is right as drew carey stands near contestant who fell
A contestant fell to the stage during a The Price Is Right prize reveal. Pic credit: CBS

Carey stood by and remained amused by the entire moment, as Amylah was clearly excited by the prospect of winning a new Nissa Altima.

Thankfully, she was OK after her “fall,” as it was all part of her enthusiastic celebration.

What did the contestant win on The Price Is Right?

Carey didn’t mention Amylah’s reaction as they moved on to play Pathfinder. Unfortunately, she did not win the game by correctly guessing the numbers in the car’s price.

However, she still had a good attitude about it, even joking she’d see “Uncle Drew” again at “the reunion.”

Later, Amylah attempted to spin the Wheel and move on to the Showcase Showdown but was unsuccessful.

While she missed out on the bigger prizes, she still won a massage chair worth approximately $1,400 from her winning bid at Contestant’s Row.

She also met “Uncle Drew” on stage and entertained the host and Price Is Right viewers. Time will tell if the game show host appears at the family reunion.

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Ada Johnson
Ada Johnson
25 days ago

Drew your a good sport and a great host.that was very nice to go along with the flow of things. Great job 👍👍👍

24 days ago

Over reaction. Not impressed.

22 days ago

Again. Showcase showdown refers to the big wheel, showcase is the round with showcases at the end of the show. 😊